ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 20

Days passed by safely.

Li Zhen Zhen didn’t make any more trouble for me, and Ji Zhen Tian continues to come occasionally.

Ming Yi Fei and I also became a lot closer these days. But, I still wasn’t able to ask her why she’s afraid. Perhaps, the story behind is important, that’s why the system didn’t tell me the reason before.

This definitely can’t go on as is. Not only was I unable to ask, my favorability with Ji Zhen Tian is also stuck at 85, and there’s no sign of it moving yet. Sexy time doesn’t work, and displaying more paintings by Ming Yi Fei definitely won’t either. What to do.

The Great General Li Ming is also coming back soon. I need to formulate a plan against that wary general soon.

A great general, an expert on the battlefield. Enemies often use seduction as a way to assassinate, so it’s definitely not easy to take down the Great General.

Aside from that problem, I also still need to gather evidence on Li Zhen Zhen’s rebellion plot.

So many things to do… Haa…

…Hmm… What if… …I’ll try.

I came up with a plan in my mind.

⊙ ⊙

The day the Great General got back, I heard from my informant maid that people lined up on both sides of the streets, as if welcoming a hero. Hmm, perhaps he is a hero? He fought the war and won, after all.

Though, I don’t really have much information about him since Ye Ling never met him in person.

The Great General didn’t immediately go to the palace the day he came back, but went here the day after.

And that day’s today.

He’s currently in his sister’s palace, according to the system. Today’s probably the day she’s revealing her rebellion plan.

…Will the Great General, or her whole family for that matter, even help her?

…Well, not my problem. No use worrying about it. I really should be worrying about my self instead. Today’s the day I set my plans in motion.

After some time, I asked the system of Li Ming’s whereabouts again.

“System, where is Li Ming right now?”

《Target Li Ming is just around the corner, host.》

Hearing that, I hastened my pace so that I could bump into him.

I’m currently with Ming Yi Fei right now, and we’re taking a walk around the palace. Though, it’s just me who invited her out so I could use her for my plan.

“Sister Ye! Wait for me!” Ming Yi Fei yelled behind me. But, I’m definitely not going to wait. I have plans to do.

“Hurry Sister Ming!” I turned around to look at her when I was just nearing the corner.

《Target Li Ming only 10 steps away from host.》

“Let’s hurry to the gardens!” I said as I faced front again, and came into contact with a wall of hard muscles.

Coming into contact with that, I completely fell down. The force of my collision with Li Ming didn’t even faze him, but the impact was so great in me that I fell butt first with a plop.

I never expected this to happen. I only opted to be caught in his arms and press my body against him.

I dumbfoundedly looked up at Li Ming, eyes wide, mouth agape.

He equally looked down at me. More like, he was glaring at me. Perhaps for having bumped into him.

That glare. That glare is definitely the glare of a general, if put in a subtle way. If I were to be more direct, I’d say that glare is the glare of a killer, a mass murderer.

I shuddered unconsciously. Guess I was that afraid of him.

Maybe, I shouldn’t have done it this way?

After a moment of everyone’s dumbfoundedness on what just happened,

Ming Yi Fei: “Sister Ye!”

The maids: “Imperial Consort Ye!”

The imperial guards who were with Li Ming: “Your Highness!”

They all said simultaneously.

I snapped back to reality. I pushed my mind to think faster. The result, I angled my body in a seductive way where Li Ming could see my cleavage.

That seemed to have worked. His eyebrows jumped for a moment. And then,

“Miss, are you okay?” He held out his hand to me.

“Y-yes.” I placed my hand in the one he offered to me and he pulled me up.

The momentum was so great that I once again collided with his muscle wall.

Oh, a chance!

It was unexpected, but a chance came so I took advantage of it and pressed my body to his, like I originally intended to do. But,

“G-General! That person is no miss, but the Emperor’s most favored Imperial Consort Ye!” Said by perhaps one of his close subordinates.

“Hmm? This person is?” He looked down at me who was still by his chest. I also looked up at him, my eyes teary. Not because it was intentional, but because the fall earlier really hurt.

Li Ming then immediately let go of me.

But I could see in his eyes something I could not describe.

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