ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 21

I could see that Li Ming is thinking about something through his eyes, but I didn’t think much about it. Not dwelling on that and being let go already, I immediately greeted,

“Greetings, Great General. Nice to meet you. My name is Ye Ling, Imperial Consort to the Emperor. I apologize for that accident just now. And, thank you for pulling me up.”

“Hmmm… This person is the Imperial Consort Ye, huh. Different from what I heard.” He muttered to himself, but once again, I could hear him. I think I have the best ears for eavesdropping? I can seem to hear things said even those said in a very soft voice.

Anyway, Li Ming said in a proper tone and louder voice,

“Greetings, Imperial Consort. I am also sorry for not watching my path properly. This servant should be the only one to apologize. To prove my repentance, if Imperial Consort Ye needs something, this General would not hesitate to give it to Imperial Consort as long as it is within my capabilities.”

“No need.” I declined.

“I insist.”

“Uhm…” This person’s a stubborn one.

“If Imperial Consort Ye doesn’t have any wishes right now, then I’ll ask at a later date. Imperial Consort seems busy, so this General would like to go ahead.”

“U-un.” I nodded. “You may go.”

He then bowed and left.

What was that?  Does this mean collection this time is easier? Can I just ask him to give it to me?

⊙ ⊙

While I was thinking that, the other person was thinking,

“Imperial Consort Ye Ling, huh. Seems interesting. I’m in.” Li Ming decided and smiled ominously.

Though of course, I was not able to know any of that.

⊙ ⊙

As soon as the General was far away, Ming Yi Fei immediately approached me.

“Are you okay, Sister Ye?” I can see genuine concern in her eyes.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

“Should we abandon our plans and go back instead? Aren’t you hurt?”

“No need. I’m not hurt. I really want to see Sister Ming finish the painting, so let’s just continue, okay?” I looked her in the eyes and pleaded.

She seemed eager to send me back, but she gave in and sighed.

“Okay. But if you’re hurting, please do tell us.”

“Un, I will.” I nodded.

And so we continued on to the imperial gardens as planned.

⊙ ⊙

That night, in a nearby palace.

“Hmm… she bumped into my brother, huh. Well, that’s fine. Actually, that’s just perfect. She’s exactly my brother’s type. Frail on the outside, feisty on the inside. Plus, a pretentious personality. My brother’s favorite to make submit and crack. With this, will my brother finally agree? …..What do you think… Xi Jiu?”

“…This servant can’t say anything about that, Empress.” Replied the Xi Jiu who was kneeling down, head lowered, reporting to Li Zhen Zhen.

But in reality, Xi Jiu was clenching his fists, thinking, ‘Why? Why can’t I forget about her? It was just a one-time encounter, yet… why?’ Nobody could answer his question. Nobody but him can find answers to that within himself.

Li Zhen Zhen then raised her foot, bringing it to Xi Jiu’s chin, and raising his head up with it.

“What do you think, Xi Jiu?” Li Zhen Zhen asked again, one foot on Xi Jiu’s chin, looking him directly in the eyes, eyes conveying ‘answer me’.

“Your Majesty is always right.” Xi Jiu was forced to answer such.

“Un un. I know.” Li Zhen Zhen nodded, satisfied. “As expected, Sir Xi Jiu is the best.” Li Zhen Zhen said, voice turning seductive.

Her foot is roaming down now, across Xi Jiu’s chest and on to his crotch, toes drawing circles there.

“Then enough with that. Sir Xi Jiu should now go on and service this Empress again.” Li Zhen Zhen licked her lips, bringing it down next to Xi Jiu’s ear.

“Right, Xi Jiu?”

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