ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 19

That night, Ji Zhen Tian came to my chambers.

At first, we ate dinner quietly, but after that, we didn’t do our usual make out routine. Instead, Ji Zhen Tian asked,

“I heard my beloved talked about something personal to an imperial guard.” Then he muttered in a soft voice, “I heard that that imperial guard is quite handsome and very popular with women.”

I stiffened for a moment. But, I immediately recovered, consoling my self that he only heard about us talking, and does not know anything about what happened outside the imperial palace.

“Yes, Your Majesty. That’s true. That imperial guard is one of the Empress’.”

“What did you talk about to an imperial guard of the Empress?” Ji Zhen Tian asked warily.

“…Your Majesty, please don’t be wary of me. I’m not planning anything.” I said, looking wronged.

Ji Zhen Tian immediately softened.

“Then what did you talk about? And, I already said before to call me by my name when we’re alone.”

“Zhen Tian…” I called coquettishly. “I only told that imperial guard to be wary of the Empress’ actions… He’s new to his job of serving the Empress, so I thought his loyalty with the Empress is still not solidified. I-I told him to report to Your Ma-Zhen Tian when he feels something’s off because I felt that you are wary of Li Zhen Zhen’s actions, though I don’t know of the reason.” I really don’t, but I do want to know.

《Favorability rating now 80.》

Oh, he bought it.

“My beloved has thought so much of me… Thank you for the concern. And, good job.” He paused, then continued, “…Now, I’ll have to reward Imperial Consort Ye.” He said sexily, passion burning in his eyes.

And now, we went on to our usual routine.

He kissed me passionately, and I kissed him back with the same passion.

We tore off each other’s clothes hungrily, and he gripped my breast as soon as it was free.

I moaned at the sensation, but his mouth had swallowed it.

His hands are on both of my breasts now, and he kept kneading it and pinching my nipples.

I was soon wet. Very wet. To confirm that,

“My beloved enjoys having her breasts played with. So wet.” Ji Zhen Tian brought one of his hands down to my honey pot and started rubbing on it, playing with my nub and inserting fingers.

“Un~~” I moaned in response.

He soon took out his fingers and licked them clean. Without having me cum. I thought this was a reward. But having taken out my source of pleasure without reaching the peak, isn’t this a punishment instead?

But before I was able to continue that thought, his fingers from before were replaced with something bigger and even better.

Ji Zhen Tian slid home, groaning as he did so.

“Ugh. So wet. So tight. Still so tight even after all the past…” he pulled almost all the way out and pushed forward back again. “Ugh”

“Nnn~ Aahh~~” I could only moan.

So this body is really tuned for sex, huh. Not only am I easily able to feel pleasure, the other person would, too.

《Yes, host.》

The system butted in again. But I was so preoccupied “making love” that I didn’t even bother shooing it away. It went away by itself, seeing I was so absorbed in the exercise.

Ji Zhen Tian’s pace fastened, and I equally increased movement of my hips.

We both came at the same time.

He did reward me fully, and I totally loved his reward.

After a while of coming down from our high, Ji Zhen Tian stood up and got dressed.

“My beloved…” he started, but he noticed something new to the room. We were preoccupied earlier, so it’s no wonder he only noticed now. “This painting is…”

“It’s from Sister Ming.” I said, finishing for him.

“I also heard you were with her earlier.”

“Yes. She was painting, and I watched her as she did. She’s really good at it, so I was very happy to receive her painting.”

“Hmm… Imperial Consort Ming made my beloved happy. Then, I’ll have to reward her.” He said smilingly, as if satisfied.

“I think Sister Ming would be happy if Zhen Tian gives her painting stuff.”

“Un, I’ll do so.” He paused, as if thinking, and then continued, his face softening, his tone gentle, “You’re getting along well with her. That’s good. That child is a little shy around others from even before, and now hearing that my beloved gets along with her, I’m also happy for the both of you.”

And to prove that, the system sounded.

《Favorability now 85.》

The sexy time didn’t make his favorability raise, but the painting did. Hmm…

And then he left. But of course, not without saying and kissing me goodbye.

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