Chapter 1

The Villainess (Provisional) Wants to Make Her Fiancé Fall with Sex Appeal

In the quiet library at dusk.

Only he and I were in that room.

Roughly by the time we finished reading, I turned to him.

I gently traced his wide and large back with my thin white fingers and pressed my delicate body to his back.

I placed my mouth near his ears hidden by his dark hair that seemed to collect darkness, and whispered,

“Hey? Can you feel it?”


“…Try guessing…”

“…I don’t feel anything at all…Grow more and try again”

“Yes! Sir! I will start again!”

Today I invited him with the sexiest thing I have prepared, but as always, my fiancee responds coldly.

As expected, if mine’s this small, it won’t do…

I put my hand on my chest and kneaded it gently, yeah, it’s small. It’s just modest. There is no sex appeal.

Aah, what should I do? If this goes on as is, he won’t be interested in me… then I…

It will start.

The world of the otome game…

Also, in the world of that otome game which starts in a few weeks, my future is in deep trouble.

I have to hurry.

Hurry up and connect him to me.

“Okay, I’ll increase the number of my push-ups and the milk I’ll consume! I’ll do my best!”

Raising my right hand high, I vowed to do more.

“…Be quiet.”

…I got scolded.

This is the world of an otome game.

My fiance-sama is a capture target.

My role is a villainess.

If the heroine chooses my fiance-sama’s route, I’m sure there it’ll be my death route.

To not end up like that, I did some thinking.

Isn’t it okay if I don’t bully the heroine?


If the heroine, if the reincarnated heroine made her own performance, it would only be in vain!

Isn’t it okay if I didn’t attend the same school?


It was too late went I noticed!

I and my fiance-sama are already attending this school.

All that’s left is for me to wait for the heroine to transfer.

Why! Why didn’t you remember it as a child?

My stupid head.

Why only remember a few weeks before the game starts?

Well, I want to think that it was better than remembering only after the conviction.

Then, what should I do?

… What if I establish a relationship with my fiance-sama before he meets the heroine?


Fortunately, here has a medieval European-style world view.

The virginity of a maiden is important for marriage.

So, if my fiance-sama lays a hand on me, fiance-sama will have to marry me.

That is why I squeezed out my sex appeal and approached my fiance-sama.

However, the results are not catching up…

I think my face is good.

Just that, it’s a villainess’.

With my fox-like eyes and pouty lips, I think if I do my best a little, I can exhibit sex appeal.

However, my body.

It’s only modest.

Where? Please don’t ask.

You know, right?

…Villainesses, don’t they have a boing boing feeling by default?

It was like that in the otome game reincarnation I read in the previous life.

Well, there is no help for things that do not exist.

Let’s just work hard and raise them, and then let’s compete with what we have.

I’m not discouraged!

I will do my best until I get my fiance-sama!

I am the type who can do what I proclaim.

With a new determination in mind, I once again faced my fiance-sama and said my greetings.

“Let’s meet again later. My beloved fiance-sama.”

Try to look graceful and pretty.

Even just a little, I hope you can look at me.

I love you.

Even if there is no death route, I want to be loved by you.

Please, be mine already.

I said in a prayer.

Then I quietly exited the library.

That’s why I didn’t notice.

“… Please choose the right time and the place. It’s hard to hold back, you know.”

My fiance-sama murmured with his face red.

My wish coming true may not be that far ahead.

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