Chapter 2

I Consulted with My Family

After the meal was over, the bomb was dropped as they enjoyed their favorite tea in a relaxed manner.

Though the only person who was mainly exposed and hurt by the bomb was the family head…

“I tried to approach my fiance-sama with my maximum sex appeal, but I was disappointed with the results. What should I do so that I can push him down?”

My mother said, “Oh my, that’s troublesome”, but she didn’t make a trouble face at all, instead, she was laughing happily as she said so.

My older brother said, “Ah, that person likes big breasts, so isn’t it impossible to make him fall with your body?”

And amidst of me receiving that harsh comment,

Father… grandly choke on the tea and spat it…

That’s dirty, father.

Look, mother is looking coldly at you.

Please wipe the dirty table by yourself.

Father, who is still coughing, asked the maids for water, and also asked them to clean the table while they’re at it.

I ignored that father, and faced my brother.

“My fiance-sama likes big breasts, you say? Do you know any other things he likes, brother?

Please tell me if he also likes maid outfits, animal ears, etc.

The me right now is not afraid to put on animal ears or maid outfits!

To my question, “Hmm, I’m not tempted by the ankles peeking from the hem of the dress,” he said, but I didn’t ask about brother’s likes, and I couldn’t get any more information about my fiance-sama’s habits.

I’m downhearted.

Did he see me like that so,

“You’re cute as you are right now.”

Father said, but I am neither encouraged nor comforted now.

I ignored him once again, and faced mother.

Mother, please give some advice to your youngest daughter.

Mother took a moment to think, and then smiled very happily.

“You should get a massage. A girl’s chest will grow big if gently massaged. I also got a gentle massage from my husband, so you can see how big it is now. That’s why you should have your future husband massage you.”

She told me while looking at father.

At that moment, father spilled the tea again… Father, just what have you been doing since before?

I see! The secret of mother’s big breasts was due to father’s massage!

I was taught some good things.

Now, I can once again approach my fiance-sama.

After that, when I asked my brother for a massage, he gave me a lecture on how to approach and how to remove the buttons, so I’m perfectly ready!

Be prepared, I’ll definitely manage to push you down. Fiance-sama!

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