ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 9

It seems the maid still hasn’t ran out of stories.

I tuned her out for a moment then remembered to ask about someone. If it’s this person, she’ll surely know something.

“….Do you know any imperial guard named Xi Jiu?”

The maid grew silent for a while and blushed.

Why is she blushing?

Seemingly shy, she responded,

“Y-yes, Imperial Consort.”

“Why is your face red? Are you suddenly sick?”


“Who is he, then?”

“H-he’s a handsome imperial guard recently assigned to the Empress. I heard Her Majesty requested for him after hearing of his excellence. He really is very excellent, and handsome to boot.” The maid said a little dreamily.

Does this person have a crush on that imperial guard or something?

“Do you like that person?” I was unable to hold back my question.

The maid turned even redder, but

“I just find Sir Xi Jiu handsome. I have no other desires towards him.”

“Hmmm…” I resumed eating biscuits.

“What about the Great General? Isn’t he still stationed at the borders?”

“Ehem, about that, Imperial Consort, because the Empress requested for his audience, the Emperor granted him permission to come back to the capital.”

“When will he arrive here?”

“In about a week or two, perhaps.”

“Is that so.”

“Is that imperial guard already working for the Li Zhen Zhen?” I asked.

“Yes. He just started today.”

“Hmmm… then you’re dismissed.”

The maid bowed and left my room.

Should I start with the imperial guard?

But, I’m curious. Why did Li Zhen Zhen suddenly want him?

“System, answer me.”

The furry ball appeared in front of me.

《This system feels favorability from Li Zhen Zhen towards Xi Jiu.》

“Favorability? The same favorability I need from Ji Zhen Tian?”




“Is Xi Jiu the same imperial guard who respectfully escorted Li Zhen Zhen and stayed with her until her death in her last life?”


“Makes sense.”

⊙ ⊙

The next day.

“I want to take a walk outside.” I declared to my maids.

“System, where is Xi Jiu right now?”

《He’s on his way to the barracks outside the palace.》


“But, I don’t want people to follow me. I want to venture out the palace secretly.” I lowered my voice.

“Imperial Consort?! You can’t! We’ll all be punished by the Emperor!” The maids said loudly.

“Shh! Just for a while. As long as you keep quiet, no one will find out. I’ll be back in the afternoon.”

“But, Imperial…” I raised my chin, narrowed my eyes and looked down at them. They immediately went down on their knees with a bang and kowtowed.

“P-please excuse our rude behavior of dictating Your Highness’ actions. We will keep quiet and not tell anyone. We will cooperate with Imperial Consort.”


“But does Imperial Consort know her way around here? And, what if something bad happens to-“

“Did you forget who I was the daughter and granddaughter of?”

“No mistress. You’re the daughter of a marquis merchant from around here, and the granddaughter of an ex-general.”

“Glad you still remember. I do know my way, and I do know how to protect myself. I won’t be gone for long.”

“Y-yes, Your Highness.”

I seemed to have scared them a little. Where did this overbearing personality come from? Was I like this originally?

…..No use thinking about that right now. I need to concentrate on my task first.

I then disguised my self as an ordinary merchant who went to visit the palace and is on the way out. With the help of my maids, I was able to get out successfully.

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