ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 8

“Empress, the nourishment soup has been prepared.” The servant came to inform.

“Is there enough for everybody?”


“Then serve some for everyone. But especially make a big serving for Imperial Consort Ye.”

“Yes, Empress.”

The maid really did give me a big serving.

“System, what’s in this soup?” I asked in my head.

《The soup is actually an infertility soup. It’s pretty concentrated, so just a bowl can give its full effect. But, it won’t manifest immediately, and will go undetected for a long time.》

“Hmmm… Then I’ll have a reason for not getting pregnant. I’ll drink it. Is it safe aside from that?”

《No known side affects. Only infertility.》

“I see. That’s good. She’s making everyone drink, huh. How cruel. There seems to be more to her than meets the eye.”

Thinking that, I looked at the Empress. But I immediately smiled and bowed,

“Thanking the Empress for gifting this lowly one nourishment soup.”

“No need for Sister Ye to thank me. This Empress wishes for Sister Ye’s blessing.”

Other concubines also thanked Li Zhen Zhen. I internally shook my head. If only they knew.

Everyone finished her soup. Me included.

“I’m feeling tired now, so please excuse me.” Said Li Zhen Zhen.

Morning greetings to the Empress then ended.

I left ahead of the others, before they could talk or suck up to me. I am still ranked above them, after all, and for now am being doted by the Emperor. Imperial Consort Ming, who has the same standing as me, was absent today. It seems she’s sick. Or perhaps pretending to be?

《Yes. Imperial Consort Ming is only pretending to be sick.》

“Hmm… is that so. Is she on bad terms with Li Zhen Zhen?”

《This system feels fear from Imperial Consort Ming.》

“So she feels fear for Li Zhen Zhen, huh. Why’s that?”


“So you won’t answer anymore, huh. Doesn’t matter.”

I arrived at my palace and relaxed for the rest of the day.

At night, Ji Zhen Tian didn’t visit me. I was able to rest well that night.

⊙ ⊙

The next day, I spent my time leisurely, reading and eating. I had nothing else to do.

To be entertained, I listened to stories and gossips at the palace.

It seems Ji Zhen Tian visited a concubine last night. I listened to the maid’s story while leisurely eating snacks.

“His Majesty didn’t stay for the night, though. This servant heard that the Emperor immediately returned to his palace and went to work again overnight. Moreover, it seems the Emperor was a lot more stern in this morning’s court.”

“Hmmm…” I ate another biscuit.

“…..” haha, I find my maid’s speechlessness funny. Is it really unusual for Imperial Consort Ye to not care about the Emperor?

“What about Li Zhen Zhen?” The original host did address the Empress by her name, so the servant didn’t find it unusual.

“I heard the Empress wishes to seek audience with Her Majesty’s brother.”

“The Great General?” I ate another biscuit.

“Yes. She sent out a letter to the Great General and to the Emperor asking for permission.”

“Hmmm…” another biscuit.

The maid then talked about other gossips. I’m amazed with this person. How can she know this much? She should have been an investigator instead.

I continued eating my snacks. The Great General, huh.

I really need to plan how to accomplish my side quests now. Speaking of which, the imperial guard…

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