Chapter 9

Brother and the Secret Night

In the room in the Marquis mansion at midnight where even the moon is hidden in darkness.

All you can hear is the voice of a woman begging for forgiveness and a man who’s stirred up.

“Ah… no… no… no… no more… it hurts…”

“Hey, you shouldn’t say no, right? There’s still plenty of room to talk. Raise your face and look over here.”

“No~o… brother… really… no more…”

“For you to be panting that hard… such a shameless lady. There’s no other way, huh. Then I’ll give it to you one last time. Now… here I come…”

Ignoring the maiden’s pleading, the man slid his hand on the maiden’s cheek, furthered his words, and made himself visible in the maiden’s eyes.

Immediately after that, the maiden closed her eyes so strongly in order to escape her pain, and sank into the rugged carpet.

“Hmm… you’re already at your limit, huh… how sad…”

He smiled happily when he saw his younger sister still panting and had rough breathing.

“…My brother, is it my fault? The words uttered and the behavior I had during today’s push-up session, and above all, it was brother’s face that was looking erotic.”

I asked my older brother while slowly massaging my overworked arms.

Yeah, that was intentional.

What’s a shameless girl?

My older brother’s expression was erotic, so that’s shameless.

Could you give me some of that eroticism?

I appealed so.

“Ahaha. Is that so? I wanted to do something fun. Doing it normally is boring, right? It’s important to fool around, you know.”

Brother answered so while laughing.

I feel like being teased.

“Give me your arm”

Then he gently massaged my arm.

I was teased, but as expected, my brother is kind.

“Hey? What is hunting you down so much?”

He asked me with a voice that was a step lower than the tone of his previous one.


“What are you so desperate for?”

With the questions that followed, it felt like he was becoming more and more sure of the reason.

What’s that about?

“You and him are fiances, and you will get married after graduation without even doing anything, right?”


“Sometimes you look anxious.”

…I’m not… like that. I don’t look like that.

“…Whose fault? Who’s making you cry?”

… You’re wrong. It’s not anyone’s fault. It’s my bad.

I, by myself, became anxious.

I, by myself, became timid.

If you don’t make him mine soon, he will be taken away.

Even though I like him, even though I love him, he might be stolen from me.

Yes, I just thought that by myself.

“…Is that so, then you have to hurry and push him down earlier.”

My older brother bitterly smiled, took his hand off my arm, and patted my head.

“To my sister who is working hard, I’ll give you something good!”

In a bright voice, he left my room, saying, “Wait a minute,” destroying the previous atmosphere.

When I thought so, he came back immediately.

He was holding a cat headband.

“Yesterday, when I went to visit the city, this entered my eyes.

Is there a cat ears boom now? It seems so.

There were lots of cat ears being sold.

And, I mentioned it before, right?

When you asked me about his likes and hobbies.

Wearing a maid outfit, putting on cat ears, etc.

I saw cat ears that match your hair color, so I bought it.

Try it on.”

My brother gently put on the hairband on me.

The silver cat ears, the same color as my hair.

Surprisingly, it’s made well, and the fur is a little bit realistic.

“Do I look good?”

What my brother chose and bought for me.

I hope it suits me.


“Oh, it’s like you had those ears since you were born. You’re like an incarnation of a noble cat. You’re very cute. If you attack with that, he may come to you immediately.”

I was praised.

I’m so happy.

“Is that true? Then, tomorrow, I’ll use this to attack!”

“I’ll pray for you!”

“YES! Sir! I’ll do my best!”

“Ahaha, I’m looking forward to it. Then, good night. Sweet dreams.”

Saying that, the brother who told me good night gently kissed my cheek and went out of my room.

Alright! I got my brother’s support item, so I’ll do my best tomorrow!!


I called for my sister’s maid and servant who were waiting outside the door.

Hey, do you know anything that happened around her recently?

You’re hiding something, aren’t you?


Hmm… Someone who shouldn’t lay a hand still does, she’s become like a cornered rabbit, the heroine… huh… What should I do?

Ah, thank you.

It’s okay, I won’t do anything… nothing…

You can rest assured.

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