Chapter 7

The Heroine Became Even More Fond of Me

I don’t understand.

I can not understand how I ended up bathing with the heroine.

Now, the heroine is currently washing my hair.

And the heroine… Smelling my neck while you’re washing my hair is being like a pervert, so I would like for you to stop.


Why is this happening, it all started about 30 minutes ago.

As usual, the heroine clings to my left arm as I was going to the library my fiance-sama is in.

The shortest way to get to the library is to leave the classroom building through the courtyard and go to the special building where the library is located.

So I tried to go that route again today, but water suddenly came down from above.

Got wet.

A lot of water.

Aimed at the heroine.

Though I was the one who got the water mainly.

Why is the clinging heroine still there?

You won’t say I’m just slowing down, right?

The voice of a female student from above can be heard.

Perhaps they’re deciding whether to run away?

Of course, though a commoner was intially targeted, a Marquis daughter was involved.

If this incident will be found out, the person responsible would be in trouble.

Even so…

There was such a scene.

The heroine was properly covered with water in the game.

Then, in the place where she gets wet, there was a scene in which fiance-sama whom she is set to meet in the library witnessed this and gently put on his uniform jacket on her.

The heroine who is bathed in water all over her body is quivering.

However, to the jacket he lent, “This will get wet. I’m fine.” is what she replied.

Fiance-sama then says “It’s bad for my eyes so I want you to wear it for me too.”

She will then be relieved with those words, and looked down at herself, seeing her uniform firmly attached to her body, making it thin and transparent due to being wet, that one could see her body line and underwear.

The heroine who is embarrassed then sits down.

Thinking that appearance of hers is lovely, fiance-sama then princess carries her and holds her like that to the infirmary.

Looking at the flow of the series from above would be the one who dropped water herself, the villainess me.

It should be such a scene, but in reality, the one covered was the villainess me who was supposed to be the culprit, and the one who did that was not my capture target fiance-sama, but the heroine herself.

“Oh no! Oh no!”

Then she wiped my drenched face and hair with a handkerchief.

The heroine is kind… I’m falling in love…

As I was thinking such a silly idea, fiance-sama ran here.

Looking at my state, he hurriedly tried to put his uniform jacket on me.

Ah, this part’s the same as the game’s, I thought.

Even though I’m the villainess, not the heroine.

I was happy and smiled, but when I tried to thank him, the heroine violently picked up fiance-sama’s jacket he hung on me, and pulled me to her chest.

Oh, my face is buried in melons.

“Men are not allowed to see. Don’t look. She’ll catch a cold, so I’ll take her to my dorm room like this. Don’t say anything stupid as carrying her. Don’t touch. It’s close from here so it’s ok. Men are prohibited in the dormitory. I’ll only borrow this jacket.”

Then the heroine took me to her dorm room.

And now, we’re in the bath.

The uniform I wore on was stripped off, and for some reason the heroine also took off her uniform, and like that, I was taken straight to the bathroom.

If I tell you that the heroine’s eyes when I was taking off my uniform was that of a carnivorous beast, would you understand my feelings at that time?

So, the opening scene.

“You have beautiful hair and skin. I’m jealous.”

The heroine whispered with her face close to my neck.

Lady, you really look like a pervert, you know?

I can wash myself, so can you please stop?

I turned to the heroine.

At that time, what I saw in my eyes was not the melon breasts (of course, I saw that too), but the heroine with a face that’s about to cry.

“Sorry, because of me, you got involved in a terrible incident. The truth is, I was the one supposed to get water, right? Since I was sticking to you, you got wet instead, right? I’m sorry. But, I don’t want to leave you. Truth be told, if I’ll continue staying close, you may meet the same fate again, so I have to leave, but… you’re my first girl friend… No… I want to be friends.”

Can be heard, can’t be heard, her words were muttered in a very small voice.

They reverberated in my little chest.

Certainly, in the game, the heroine had no girl friends.

Though, there were so many handsome guys…

Rather, there were only those handsome men.

In reality, the handsome men being caught by the heroine’s charms incite the jealousy of other girls, hence they ignore her.

Even I, thinking that my fiance-sama will be stolen, it’s hard for me to become friends, but…

If you think I’m your friend

“This time, I’ll wash your hair.”

Because if you’re a friend, you can’t just be on the receiving end.

Though, it’s embarrassing to declare being friends.

Still, if I can turn her crying face into a smile

“Now then, come over here and I’ll wash it for you.”

When I answered so, the moved heroine once again made me bury my face in her melon chest.

As I said before, I didn’t know.

Once again, the heroine’s eyes turned into a carnivorous animal’s.

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