Chapter 6

The Villainess (Provisional) Talks about her First Love

It happened when I was six years old.

In order to get along, my father introduced my fiance who is one year older than me.

The fiance-sama greeted me simply, “hello”, and asked the maid about the location of the library and left me.

I hurriedly followed my fiance-sama.

I am a daughter of a Marquis family, so at that time I was used to having people surround me all the time, and so I became interested with my fiance-sama.

He didn’t say anything to compliment me, rather, he didn’t even look me in the eyes.

I couldn’t believe how he ignored me to go read books.

Yes, I was upset at the time.

“I’m great. I’m cute.”

I was that kind of disappointing pompous child.

Hmm? I’m still in another sense disappointing, that I’m cute?

Hey, I don’t understand what you mean.

Well, I’ll go ahead with the story.

Immediately, I arrived at the library my fiance-sama was in.

It was my own home that I knew about, but I had never been to the library.

At that time, I didn’t really like studying, oh, I’m sorry, I still don’t…

I’ll correct myself.

Even now, I still don’t like studying, and the me back then didn’t like going to the library.

In a dark place with lots of books and thick curtains to protect them, I didn’t think there’s anyone who would like to go in them.

Oh, my older brother is different.

My brother seems to like dark places.

I heard he often takes newcomer maids there, but I don’t know what he is doing.

Ah, please don’t look too far away.

I’ll tell you, my brother is a very great person.

He’s a so-called “perfect human”.

He’s a brother I am proud of.

Though at times his behavior’s a little different.

Oh, I’ve derailed from my story.

Should I now continue?

At such a place, fiance-sama stared at the book with his eyes shining.

And he smiled very happily at me who came in later.

“It’s amazing, as expected of the library of a respectable Marquis. There are many books I have never seen before.”

I was so fascinated by that beautiful smile and fell in love at first sight.

Rather than the book, I want you to show me that smile instead.

I thought.

Ever since I was a little child, everyone around me was only interacting towards me on the surface.

While fiance-sama’s smile was pure and a smile reserved for things he loves.

That’s when I grabbed my little chest and didn’t let go.

Oh, please stop. Shouldn’t touch my chest, “Which one?”

I’ll stop talking.

Yes, it’s good that you understand. Then, shall I continue?

From then, I tried to read books as much as possible so that I could be by the side of my fiance-sama and be able to talk to him properly.

If I couldn’t keep up with the topic, I wouldn’t be in his field of vision, my fiance-sama’s at that time.

In order to be reflected in those eyes, I think the me who made an effort is great.

Oh, the me who’s still working hard is still cute?

Is that so? If so, then I’m happy.

Thank you very much.

This is the beginning of me and my fiance-sama’s romance.

It’s my first love.

Hmm? It’s weak for an episode?

Did you expect something more exciting?

Even if you say such a thing…

Then, how about this.

… When the Demon King descended on this world, my fiance-sama was chosen as a hero, and I was taken away by the Demon King, so there, the hero, my fiance-sama…

Hmm, that’s enough?

From now on, I will be in a place close to my fiance-sama.

Ufufu, thank you for listening to my first love story.

I who remembered the feelings of those days also had fun.

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