Chapter 5

The Heroine is Fond of Me

How did this happen?

It’s been a few days since the heroine transferred.

The heroine is now clinging to my left arm.

Her pale golden hair is fluffy and she laughs at me with a sweet honey-like voice.

That smile should be aimed at the capture targets, what are you doing showing that to me, the villainess? Was what I would like to say.

Ah, as expected, I don’t want that.

Don’t aim that smile to my fiance-sama.

“Hey, why don’t we go eat pancakes together today? Just before, a stranger in the next class kindly told me about it. At first that person said he would take me, but I asked only the location. Teehee.”

While laughing softly, she told me about her process of getting the pancake shop information, but speaking of a stranger from the next class, isn’t that probably a capture target?

I think there was such an event?

Why did you refuse him to go with me, the villainess?

Isn’t there something wrong about this?

“Hey, it’s fine, right? Let’s go.”

She insisted, still clinging to my arm.

And, she pressed her plump chest to my arm, which is contrary to the heroine’s cute face like a small animal.

…You have something I’m very envious of…

Unconsciously, I compare the heroine’s chest with my own.

…Huhu…Even though I’m doing push-ups every day…

Even though I was able to do it only 3 times before, but now I can do it 5 times… it still didn’t grow at all.

Again, unconsciously, I touched my chest.

Yeah, there’s no sign of growth.

As expected, I wonder if I have no other choice but to ask my fiance-sama again to massage it.

I think he somehow doesn’t like the idea, but I think if I beg him once more, he’ll probably accept?

I looked at my chest and thought about it, and the heroine, who was wrapped around my left arm, licked her lips and whispered at my ears.

“Hey, do you want to make your chest bigger? I will help you ♪”

The soft smile she had until now vanished, and it was replaced with a grin fitting of the strange glint in her eyes.

Oh, two melons hit my back!

It’s a big difference from the me who did the same thing to my fiance-sama who then told me that he couldn’t feel anything!

“You shouldn’t let a man just touch it, okay? They only think about horny things, after all. So, I’ll do it for you…”

The heroine whispered sweetly in my ears.

Is that so, the heroine will massage it for me, I’ve thought of various things, but if that makes my chest grow, then I think it’s for the best.

Then, I’m counting on you… Just when I was about to say that, the door to the classroom opened.

It was my fiance-sama who came in.

Hmm? Isn’t his mood, a little off?

“… Lady fiancee, what is it that you’re carrying on your back?”

“…It’s the person who transferred in the other day.”

“No, I don’t like such a cold introduction. Tell him I’m your best friend.”

She said acting cutesy, her arm around my neck, still sticking to my back.

As expected, two big melons are asserting themselves, you know?

“… I see, the transfer student, huh. Well, anyway. Lady fiancee, come to my house now. Isn’t tomorrow a day off? I’ll be riding a horse early tomorrow morning, so stay over tonight. I have the permission from the Marchioness.”

Huh, mother? What did you carefreely say ok to?

Personally, I’m lucky that I have more opportunities to make pre-made facts, but mother??
[T/N: Pre-made facts refer to the “fact” that villainess in games and novels have good proportions, most especially, big breasts. This was mentioned in the very first part of this oneshot series.]

And above my head, I feel like two pairs of eyes are glaring at each other, why?

Was the first time the heroine and my fiance-sama meet like this?

I feel like it was a more romantic encounter. Is it okay for their first meeting to be like this?

Tigers and dragons can seemingly be seen in the background. For an otome game encounter to be like this, I feel like this is an out sign.


Love… it would not sprout, right?

If it’s between a tiger and a dragon, it would not sprout, right?

Then my death flag won’t raise, right?

This, is this the OK result thing? The one with the broken flag?

If so, I’m happy, and I’m also happy for the invite by my fiance-sama for me to stay over.

I want to stay over, and just like that, stay as a bride…


With the heroine still on my back, I stared at my fiance-sama.

“Thank you for your invitation. Of course, I will go.”



“You shouldn’t go.”

Furthermore, the heroine spins the word of denial while staring at my fiance.

“…I’m not asking for your opinion.”

“You’re only engaged, so you don’t have to do it, for you to invite her over, you’re only thinking about doing that, aren’t you? You’re the worst!”

Oh, those words pierced my chest.

Rather, the one who’s aiming for that, is me… heroine.

I’m sure that my fiance only invited me to stay over because for an activity early in the morning, it’s easier to be ready from the day before.

The one who should be ashamed is me.

Ah, how embarrassing…

I turned red and I wanted to run away, but the heroine is still clinging to my back.

And, while still clinging to me, she declared.

“…If you say you’ll go no matter what, then I’ll also come with you! I’ll definitely follow you!”

In a place I couldn’t hear, the sound of the bell at the beginning of a match rang.

…What the.

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