Chapter 4

The Capture Target is on a Date with the Villainess (Provisional)

In a dim room, the voices of a man and a woman echoed.

“Hey, fiance-sama. I want to go on a date.”

A man who was reading a book had something pressed into his back, and his ear was whispered into with a sweet voice.

“…Isn’t what we’re doing right now, a date?”

He kept his eyes on the book he was reading and answered without hesitation.

Yes, today is a holiday.

My lady fiance forced me to go on a date, and the two went to the Royal Library.

“…Yes, but it’s different. This is not what I wanted to do. This is just like our everyday life.”

At first, my lady fiancee was quietly reading a book, but suddenly she rode on my back and protested.

How is it different?

Two people, a man and a woman go together and spend their holidays together.

Isn’t that what a date is?

Leaning over and thinking about the definition of a date, my now-crying lady fiancee crawled up from my back and clung to my neck, protesting further.

“That’s right! It’s different! What I’m looking for is a sweet world! I wanted it to be like the two of us walking holding hands as we strolled along the city, then when we get tired, we drink from the same glass of fruit juice, then when night comes, “I don’t want you to go home tonight” is what I want fiance-sama to say.”

What the heck is that…

Even though you have no plans to buy anything, you want to wander the streets until you get tired?

Is that even fun?

Besides, because we are the son and daughter of aristocrats, we can’t walk outside with completely just the two of us, right?

It’s necessary for us to have an escort.

Also, one drink for two people, for nobility, isn’t that bad since it’ll make us seem like having no money?

About the last part of not wanting to let you go home, it’s what I’m always thinking, so that’s fine. I want you to feel at ease.

Rather, I don’t want you to go home tonight. Am I allowed to say that?

If it can be forgiven, will you stay over my house, skipping giving notice to your Marquis family in haste?

I thought about it in my heart, but as always, I dare not say it.

I’m not a sloppy person, but I’m just not good at putting my emotions into words.

On that point, my lady fiancee may be the opposite of me.

She can say everything in words. Comfortably.

That is good, but also something I envy.

There’s no man who would hate fiercely being loved by a very cute fiance who’s straightforwardly facing her feelings, right?

“I still want to date my fiance-sama~! I just want to spend time some alone time with my loved one.”

When she said that, I peeled of my lady fiancee from my back and sat her on my knees.

Then, I locked her in my arms.

Every day I spend with my lady fiancee is someting I love and cherish.

So when I read my favorite book like this, I am always accompanied by my lady fiancee.

“Be quiet. This is a library. You should be silent to stay here.”

While saying that, when I kissed the hair of my lady fiancee…

She turned bright red and nodded with such a cute face.

Really, so cute.

You should thank the fact that we are not the only two people in here.

If it were only the two of us, then I would have already…

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