Chapter 3

The Capture Target is Being Cornered by the Villainess

A beautiful afternoon with soft sunlight.

In the courtyard of the school, I enjoy fragrant tea with my lady fiancee.

It was a very meaningful time, saying my impressions of the lecture in the morning and the introduction of the book I read recently, but as soon as I talked about the transfer student who’ll come a few days later, the expression of my lady fiance turned dim.

I wonder what’s wrong?

“Fiance-sama? I have one request…”

She placed her hands in front of her chest as if praying, and talked to me with a languished look.

“…What happened?”

“Please cooperate with the massage that will grow my chest!”

“…Gu… goho… gogoho…” [coughing sounds]

I choked on my tea.

I was about to blow it out.

What a joyful… an outrageous request.

Ah, idiot! Do not remove the front button of your uniform!

People other than me may see!

“Mother told me that the best way to grow your breasts is to have a gentle massage from a man. So, please!”

Again, while removing the front button, she moistened her eyes and approached my face.

What? Is that an invitation?

However, this is the courtyard of the school.

Even if you’re inviting, I can’t accept, you know?

Hey you servants behind!

Don’t laugh, save your master!

And, Marchioness! What an advice to give your daughter.

But it’s nice, I think it’s almost time to call her mother-in-law.

“I heard from my older brother as well. That fiance-sama, as expected, likes big breasts. That you are more of a breasts than an ass person. So, please. Please cooperate with the growth of my breasts!”

“…That guy…I’ll remember this…”

I muttered in a small voice that my lady fiance could not hear.

The older brother of my lady fiancee is my friend. We used to do sword training and magic training together, and then afterwards we talked about a little naughty story… because when men get together, it’s usually like that. It can’t be help, I’m also a man.

But now is not the time to be angry with my friend.

I should think of what to do with this.

Good luck, my facial muscles!

Hide your being upset!

I am the son of the icy Prime Minister!

In such a place, if I’m flustered, let alone look at my lady fiancee’s chest and grin, that’s no good!

Wear your usual expressionless mask. Thousand Masks, come on!

“… Close your front. Think about the place. What is a lady doing, exposing her skin herself.”

I gently closed the button.

Next, please ask when we are alone in the room.

It would be even better if it has a soft bed.

Was what I whispered in my heart.

“…I’m sorry…but…I…”

My lady fiancee apologizes while frowning.

Her eyes are moist, oh no, so cute.

“…I don’t know what happened, but I don’t care how your chest is, and do you even like a fiance who cares about that?”

After closing all the buttons, I stroke her cheeks and looked at her face, but the expression of my lady fiancee still did not brighten.

What happened?

“… Even if you say that now, but I’m sure when she’ll come…”

With that, she laughed fakely and left a fleeting expression, as she went ahead because of her next lecture.

Who is she?

What makes my fiancee worry?

Only questions remain, but it’s okay.

Next, let’s have a tea party for only two people indoors…

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