Chapter 10

Can I Pet You?

That day, the school was shocked.

The cause of the fuss was a Marquis daughter.

She was happy about the silver cat ears she got from her brother that she had worn that since morning.

She is a different type of beautiful girl from the heroine.

Silver hair that as if collects the light of the moon.

Her slanted eyes have a mysterious amethyst color.

Although she minds it herself, she actually has a delicate body that can drive men crazy.

That her had been wearing cat ears.

Cat ears the same color as her hair.

Cat ears that looked like they existed naturally since the beginning.

Perhaps she injected them with magic that sometimes they even move.

In the air-conditioned room, she was bathed in soft sunlight and looked sleepy as she narrowed her eyes, just like a cat in the sun.


It was the consensus of those in the same space as her.

If her favorite fiance-sama was right here, he wouldn’t allow anyone to see her, let her be touched, and just like that lock her somewhere, and make her feel as cute as she could.

Unfortunately, he was not here.

The one who’s here is a person who always looks after cute and pretty things from afar, loves cats, and is aspiring to be a knight, a capture target.

An event occurs in which the capture target who likes training three times more than eating who even above that likes cats more finds the heroine playing with one and they pet it together.

To that capture target who saw the Marquis daughter wearing cat ears, the shock that hit him was not half-assed.

For a moment, I thought a nosebleed would spurt.

It was hard to control the urge to stroke.

I used my other hand to hold the arm that I was trying to unconsciously touch.

It was too dangerous, so I fell face-down to my desk and tried not to look.

It had the opposite effect.

More delusions swelled.

What’s with that? Those torturing ears.

Knowing that I like cats, are you inviting me?

This is a sacred school, you know.

Are you testing me? Are you testing my endurance?

Okay, I’ll accept that challenge.

I won’t be taken in by such an invitation.

I will endure this time.

Aah, I’ll show you I can endure it!

Damn! You shouldn’t make those ears flicker while basking in the sun unguarded.

It’s painful, she’s just so cute that it’s painful.

I want to touch badly that it’s painful.

Later on, let’s go to the courtyard and see a real kitten that’ll let me touch…

… I wonder if she’ll come too…

Playing with a kitten, she who has cat ears on her head…

I see that up close.

No, just looking is not enough.

On my knees, she who wears cat ears.

On her knees, the kitten.

What is it, is it heaven?


…If I remember correctly, she has a fiancee.

What if, only what if, okay? If I duel with her fiance and I win, the right to have her…

No no, I can’t do that.

After desperately trying to kick out wordly desires, I unconsciously glanced at her.

Kuhaaa, she was scratching her eyes amidst a small yawn.

That is being like a cat again…

Ah, she’s so cute it’s painful.

It’s painful, but I want to keep on watching.


After the lecture, she who wears cat ears went to see her fiance and he confiscated her ears without any questions.

If a mania sees, it’s dangerous so don’t show it in public, was what her fiance said.

I came home, pondering.

Will I not be able to see that figure again?

I’m not a fanatic, but I want to see it again.

I want to look, and stroke.

…If I secretly give it as a present next time, will she wear it?

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