The Beginning

“Save my– please…”

⊙ ⊙

《System loading…》

⊙ ⊙

In a pure white space.

《You have awoken, 069.》

“Where am I? …Where are you?”

《I am right in front of you.》

I looked around and finally spotted a furry white ball with a face right in front of me.

This is you?”

《Yes. You have been sent here to complete missions for the system.》

“System? By whom? …..Moreover, who am I?”

《You are 069. The codename sent to me, assigned to you.》

“That is not my name now, is it? But really, who am I? Why am I here? What is this place?”

《Host does not have memories of her identity. Do you wish to remember yourself?》

“I-I…. I do.”

《I can tell you some things that can be shared about your identity. But, if you wish to remember your whole self, you need to do tasks for the system.》

“Please, at least tell me my name. I-I may remember something from there.”

《Very well. Your name is Alina. I can’t tell you the exact reason why you were sent here, but the system can grant your wish if you finish the tasks given to you and manage to collect enough points.》

“My name is Alina. ….Wish…”

《Yes. What is it that you wish for?》

“I-I wish to remember myself.”

《Very well. Host’s wish configured. At the end of the tasks, Host 069 can remember herself.》

“T-thank you. B-by tasks, what are they?”

《Collect male essence.》

“Collect m-male essence?!”

《Male essence… in simpler terms, sperm, or cum as common people call it.》

“?! What?! I need to?!”

《Yes. You need to collect male cum. By collect, I simply mean they release in you. That’s all.》

“That’s all?! That’s all, you say?! Isn’t that, uh, dirty?! Won’t I get pregnant?! I don’t want to get pregnant! I only want to remember myself! And by release, how exactly do I do that?!”

《Host does not need to worry. You won’t get pregnant. This system had already configured your body to never get pregnant in the worlds you visit. You can get your wish once you gain enough points by completing tasks. And by release, of course, you do that through intercourse.》

“?! Intercourse?! You mean you want me to have sex?! A-and how much do I really need to collect? And, by worlds, what do you mean?”

《Yes, intercourse, sex. This system can not really say how much, but host will be informed when you have reached the threshold for each world. By worlds, I mean host will transmigrate or reincarnate again and again in different worlds with different themes. And oh, in one world, host may not only need to sleep with one man. Please be aware.》

“I’m not even surprised at this point. I kind of understand now… Haa, is there really no other way?” I accepted it rather easily. A part of my old personality?

《I’m sorry to inform host, but you can’t really get out of this space unless you complete the tasks given by the system. Moreover, tasks will be evaluated by points, and will depend on your performance.》

“By performance, you mean…”

《I don’t really mean sexual performance only, but that does make up most of the task’s percentage and with better intercourse, definitely the better points.》

“I see. But, what if I don’t know how to perform well?”

《Host’s body has already been configured to serve men and collect their essence well. The only thing left is to serve them and make them release by your skills. Please also be informed that release collected by vagina, mouth, or anus, all differ in points evaluation. Mouth collection makes the least points. Vaginal collection makes the greatest, but it does not differ much from anal. This system heard that anal is something that hurts much and feels most uncomfortable when one is not used to it, but as I said before, since host’s body has been configured, host does not need to worry. Still, vaginal intercourse is the most convenient, so this system recommends host to do that most.》


《I’m also informing host that position also matters. Points collected by intercourse won’t be reported one by one, but will be collated and shown at the end of the world task, when world completion reaches 100%. Progress also won’t be reported every time, but host will be informed when you’re only 10% away from the goal. Host can ask progress, though.》

“I see. ……”

《Does host wish to loan points for sexual skills?》

“….. How do points really work? How much can I collect from each world?”

《Host can collect up to a million points or even more, actually. As said earlier, it depends on host’s entertaining skills and the frequency you use them.》

“Then, how much is that skills set you’re talking about?”

《Three million points only. They’re cheap but highly valuable for host. Does host wish to purchase it by loan?》

“….Speaking of wish, how many points do I need to grant mine?”

《I’m sorry, host. This system can not really say. It depends on the entertainment you do.》

“…. Then, I’ll purchase those skills.”

《Purchase completed. Host has loaned three million points.

Host status:

Host Code: 069
Name: Alina
Appearance: Max
Intercourse Skills: 70/100
Intelligence: ??/100
Points Earned: —
Points Total: -3,000,000

Host can use points to pay off debt. Intercourse skills will increase with experience, though, not all intercourse makes skills increase, so please be aware. Does host wish to know the first world’s details?》

“Why is my intelligence unknown? And, what’s my role or standing in each world?”

《Host’s intelligence is unknown because host lost her memory. This system could not really evaluate. Based on how host is adapting and responding, I say host’s intelligence is already maxxed. However, just to be sure, this system needs to observe host in at least one world first to fully evaluate. Host’s role differs in each world. In one world host may be the heroine or the protagonist, then she can be the villainess or the second female lead in the next. A mob character is also plausible. But, the end goal in each world is to reach the pinnacle of life. There are main quests and side quests in these worlds. Hidden quests may also be triggered randomly.》

“A heroine, villainess, or a mob… also quests…… Are these worlds novels or games or something?”

《Something like that, host. This system could not really say. Also, host’s emotions are not shielded, so please be aware. Does host need more time to prepare, or does host want to hear the first world’s details and be sent there right now?》

“…. Then, I wish to hear the details.”

《The details include the world’s original plot and the previous body’s host’s memories. Please brace yourself for a sudden influx of data.》

“I understand.”

《Initializing transfer sequence…》

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