ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 49

Li Zhen Zhen charged at me like a madman.

I was once again too surprised with her sudden actions that I wasn’t able to move. I was just sitting by the side, watching silently, then she suddenly comes charging at me with a knife.

Too surprised with the flow of events, I was rooted on the spot.

I could hear Ji Zhen Tian rushing at me, but he seemed too far to be able to get me out of the way in time. Those who were near me were also just as surprised as me that they were also unable to react.

But the knife I was expecting to stab me never got through.

I looked at the man in front of me. He… did it again. He… saved me again.

Xi Jiu blocked the knife for me and got stabbed instead.

Xi Jiu… why?

Li Zhen Zhen then became frazzled, realizing who she stabbed.

“Why?! Why?! Why did you do that?! Why did you cover for her again?! Why?! Why?!” Li Zhen Zhen knelt down to Xi Jiu who was suddenly weakened by that stab to the arm.

Was the knife poisoned?!

Guards immediately seized Li Zhen Zhen as she was kneeling by Xi Jiu.

“Call the imperial physician! Hurry!” Ordered Ji Zhen Tian at the same time.

As she was being taken away, she glared at me.

“This is all your fault! Why do you always take away the person I love?! Xi Jiu protecting you again… Why do they always love you! Only you! You! You! It was always you! Let go of me! Let go! I was given this second chance! It never should have ended up like this! Let go! Argghhhh!”

Love me? I don’t think so. But if you’re asking why they’re not loving you…

…Perhaps because you’re not in the right mind?

The chaotic atmosphere settled down as Li Zhen Zhen was taken away.

Ji Zhen Tian then immediately came to me and hugged me tight.

“Are you okay? Were you not injured? Grazed at all?” He asked in a breath.

“I-I’m not… But Xi Jiu is…” I then looked at Xi Jiu as he was being taken away to get treated.

Even though I have only used him so far and he has even sworn with his life on the line, I don’t want him to actually lose his life.

“Will Xi Jiu be okay?” I looked back at Ji Zhen Tian worriedly, slightly leaning away from him.

“Un. He will be. Don’t worry.” He brought my head to his chest and hugged me tight once more.

“Ling-er… It’s all over. It’s finally all over.” I don’t know if he actually said that for me, or if he said that for himself. Ji Zhen Tian sounded like he was consoling himself, that everything burdening him was over.

After a moment of staying like that, he let go of me, as if only remembering now where we currently were.

Ji Zhen Tian then stood up, turned his back to me to face the crowd, and said,

“Zhen apologizes for today’s event. The flower viewing will be postponed some other time. The event may have been a little shocking, but please excuse Zhen for doing it this way. If done in another way, the Li family may have been able to retort and make up excuses. Public condemnation was the best way to convict them. This…” Ji Zhen Tian paused and narrowed his eyes at several people. “also serves as a warning.”

Afterwards, he continued lightly, “To everyone who witnessed this event, to make up for the shock, Zhen will offer things to you. Concubines in the royal harem will also receive gifts as compensation, for more things than one.”

Everyone bowed and praised the Emperor for his graciousness.

Everyone was then dismissed, and the event ended.

Ji Zhen Tian merely stood there, watching everyone leave. Ming Yi Fei was the last one, aside from the two of us, to go. As she was getting farther away,

“Yi Ren, it’s over. I have avenged you.” He whispered to himself as he looked up at the sky.

Ah. So these were all for her, huh.

I see.

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