ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 46

Later that afternoon, an invitation for scenery watching came.

I was reading a book, when suddenly, a eunuch came to announce his presence together with the invitation.

What’s more, it’s an invitation from the Emperor himself. Is Ji Zhen Tian finally making a move? Or is this just a whim to observe nature’s beauty and nothing more?

“Who’s invited to this gathering?” I asked the eunuch.

“Replying to Imperial Consort Ye, all those in the royal harem were invited, and several large families were also sent an invitation. The event will be hosted five days from now.” He replied.

“Is that so. …Is there anything else?” I asked in case there’s something more he has to talk about other than the invitation.

“No, Your Highness. Does Imperial Consort Ye have anymore questions?”

“None. You may go.”

“This servant excuses himself.” The eunuch then left.

⊙ ⊙

Days passed by safely, with no huge incidents whatsoever, like the calm before a storm.

The time for the event then arrived.

I dressed up appropriately for an Imperial Consort, and headed to the imperial garden, the site of the event.

When I arrived, I thought that the event was a little unusual. Weird.

Men and women should always be separated, but this time, the separation was very minimal, not even a wall in between sexes. Only the seats of men and women were far apart, and everyone else gathered together.

When I arrived, both Ji Zhen Tian and Li Zhen Zhen still haven’t. People who were already present greeted me courteously. I am still an Imperial Consort. Other people still need to pay respect, including the Ye family and the Li family. Members of those families were also present in this event. Perhaps, something is really about to happen.

After being caught up by relatives, I then sat down in the seat reserved for me, near the one for Ji Zhen Tian. Near, but not beside, of course.

Ming Yi Fei was also already present. Her seat was right next to mine.

“Sister Ye!” She cheerfully greeted.

We talked about things that happened over the days, her progress with her man, that Qing-something guy. It seems things are going well for her. I’m glad. Ming Yi Fei to me felt like she really became my little sister. I’m happy for her.

Our topic never swayed to that incident with Li Zhen Zhen. Ming Yi Fei did ask me what happened when I was in there, meeting her privately a few days ago, but I said we only talked about things and nothing out of the ordinary happened.

Ming Yi Fei looked like she doesn’t sound convinced, but speaking of the devil

After a few minutes of us settling down,

“The Empress has arrived!” Announced one eunuch as Li Zhen Zhen was approaching the gathering area.

Everyone then paid respect to her, bowing down. Including me. For now, that is.

As Li Zhen Zhen was nearing her seat, she passed by mine. I glanced up a little, and she looked at me for a second before visibly snobbing me. She’s clearly still upset over that incident. But I think she couldn’t do anything with these many people around. I think. I’m not entirely sure since Li Zhen Zhen’s impulses are pretty… unpredictable.

I think everyone invited to this event had already arrived. Everyone, except for the host, the Emperor, Ji Zhen Tian.

What’s holding him up or what’s taking him so long? That, I don’t know.

It has already been awhile since everyone was gathered in this corner of the imperial garden near the imperial palace gates.

Still, there was no sign of Ji Zhen Tian.

Did something happen to him? I suddenly became nervous.

Did Li Zhen Zhen already executed her plans? Has Li Ming already arrived back in the capital secretly?

I couldn’t help but worry, so I asked the system if Ji Zhen Tian is still alive and well. I doubt it would have reported to me if something happened unless I asked.

“System, where is Ji Zhen Tian? Why is he late? Is he still okay?” I bombarded it with questions.

《Answering host, Ji Zhen Tian is still alive.》

“Still alive? Why, is he near death? Why didn’t you answer my previous questions?”

《Host, you shouldn’t worry that much. Ji Zhen Tian is more than alive, he’s alive and kicking. This system didn’t answer your other questions, because…》

And that was when loud noises can be heard just outside the imperial palace gates.

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