ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 44

“Everyone else, leave.” Li Zhen Zhen once again ordered her servants out as she did before. This time, however, Xi Jiu didn’t attempt to go and merely stayed. Li Zhen Zhen was obviously satisfied with that as she glanced at him.

Her attention was then returned to me.

“Now then, S-i-s-t-e-r Ye.” Her eyes have become wilder with every syllable she uttered. “I have heard things, no?”

“I wonder what the Empress is talking about. Please do elaborate.” I said.

“Hahaha! Don’t play dumb. Everyone else in the whole imperial palace has heard of what Imperial Consort Ye did. Begging? I never knew you had it in you! But thinking about it now, begging totally suits you! Hahahaha!” Li Zhen Zhen went hysterical again.

I only kept my silence and let her laugh to her heart’s content.

“Huh? You aren’t bothered?” Li Zhen Zhen became displeased that she was not able to faze me. “Perhaps you have really taken a liking to begging? Hahahaha! I didn’t know Sister Ye was such a masochist! I’ll gladly relay this to my brother to let him punish you.” Li Zhen Zhen laughed once more.

But then, “What did you talk about to Ji Zhen Tian?” Her voice sounded very dangerous. “Did you tell him of what happened?! My plans?!” Li Zhen Zhen stood up, gesturing her want to go and slap me, but she managed to resist the urge and sat back down.”

I really couldn’t say much whenever I’m talking to Li Zhen Zhen. Her mood always changes like the weather, very unpredictable, and almost spontaneous. One minute she’s laughing, the other she’s scowling. No, make that a second. It’s a little hard to follow her. I’m not sure which questions I should answer, or if her statements were really questions.

“I don’t know what plans the Empress is talking about.” I played dumb.

“Hmph, of course you don’t. How could you even? But now that you know a little, well, sorry for you. Too late!” Li Zhen Zhen smugly said.

“I still don’t understand what Your Majesty is talking about.” I continued my act.

Li Zhen Zhen then got up and approached me, taking hold of my chin. She seems to like doing this.

“Well let me tell you something about it. I’ll make it simple to make you understand.” She paused and then shouted to my face, “It’ll be your downfall!”

I merely stared blankly at her.

“What’s with that look?! Are you looking down on me?!” Li Zhen Zhen once again gestured for a slap, but just as her hand was about to reach my cheek, her hand was caught by another.

“Empress, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Please hold back for now.” Xi Jiu said.

Li Zhen Zhen calmed down a little with that. “Yeah, you’re right. As expected of Xi Jiu, you do think of what’s best for me all the time. I just need to wait a little bit more. Un.” Li Zhen Zhen nodded.

Li Zhen Zhen then freed me and returned to her original seat.

“So, what did you talk about to Ji Zhen Tian?” Li Zhen Zhen asked, a little dominant.

But of course, I don’t feel intimidated at all.

Though, I remained silent at Li Zhen Zhen’s question.

“You’re not going to answer?” She narrowed her eyes, but then shrugged. “Doesn’t matter if you don’t respond anyway. I know bits of your conversation.” Then Li Zhen Zhen lowered her voice, as if whispering a conspiracy. “Sister Ye told Ji Zhen Tian about you and my brother, no?” She then giggled.

“Aah~ I wonder how he reacted~” Li Zhen Zhen said dreamily. “Did he become angry? Dumbfounded? Dazed? Did he send you away? Ah~” Li Zhen Zhen started getting caught up in her own world.

I just stared at her blankly.

“What’s with that reaction?” She became serious again as she frowned, narrowed her eyes and lowered her voice.

“Ah. I heard your meeting with Ji Zhen Tian was short. Did he perhaps really send you away? Are you sulking?” Li Zhen Zhen chuckled.

I continued staring at her without responding.

“Stop staring at me like that, answer me!” Li Zhen Zhen flung the teacup she was drinking from towards me.

The sudden deed left me stoned.

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