ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 43

It was two days after the happenings with Ji Zhen Tian that I managed to fully recover.

It was also the day to pay respect to Li Zhen Zhen.

Because I was fairly behaved the whole day yesterday and was able to totally regain my health, my maids didn’t give any objections to me going out this time.

When I arrived over at Li Zhen Zhen’s palace, I was very surprised to see someone there.

“Sister Ye~!” Ming Yi Fei called.

“Sister Ming! Why are you here?” I wasn’t able to hold back my question.

“I- I was worried about Sister Ye.” Ming Yi Fei looked down. “I- I wanted to go visit you… but I was not allowed to…”

“Thanks for worrying about me, Sister Ming. You don’t need to be that sad just because you weren’t able to visit me.” I patted her head a little. “I’m fine already. Rather, are you okay? Is it okay for you to be here, to see Li Zhen Zhen?” I asked her softly.

Ming Yi Fei visibly stiffened. But after a short pause, she nodded her head slightly.

“Did you come here just to see me?” I smiled helplessly.

Ming Yi Fei raised her head and nodded. Aaah~ how cute~ I just want to hug this little thing, but ehem. It’s inappropriate to do so in public.

I held her hands instead.

“Sister Ming, don’t worry. I’ll be here to help you lest something happens.” I reassured her. She nodded again, like a child receiving instructions.

When everything was settled, Ming Yi Fei and I then went on inside to greet Li Zhen Zhen.

“Ho~ look who we have here. Isn’t this Sister Ming?” Li Zhen Zhen’s eyes looked dangerous as she stared at Ming Yi Fei.

“Are you not sick anymore?” Li Zhen Zhen asked, the sarcasm in her voice very evident.

But Ming Yi Fei managed to compose herself and replied to Li Zhen Zhen appropriately.

“Greetings, Your Majesty. This Imperial Consort has a weak constitution and has been sick for awhile, but I was able to recover enough to visit Your Majesty today. Thanking the Empress for her concern.” Ming Yi Fei bowed a little.

“Hmmm…” Then Li Zhen Zhen turned her eyes on me, the dangerous glint still there. But after a short glance, she returned her sight on Ming Yi Fei, eyes now calm and normal. “Well, whatever. Take a seat.” Li Zhen Zhen directed Ming Yi Fei to sit, without even pretending to be polite like she usually does.

When Ming Yi Fei settled down, Li Zhen Zhen’s eyes were then focused on me.

With that, “Greetings to the Empress.” I greeted courteously.

Sister Ye, I’ve heard things about you.” Everyone went silent. Rumors of me begging in Ji Zhen Tian’s palace must have spread like wildfire now. “I heard you were sick for days… Is Sister Ye fine now?” But contrary to what everyone was expecting, that’s what Li Zhen Zhen brought up.

“Thanking the Empress for her concern. This Imperial Consort is fine now. I won’t get up and go here to spread the disease, so Your Majesty shouldn’t worry.” I replied.

“Sister Ye sure is a jokester.” Li Zhen Zhen paused. “Right, we have plenty of things to talk about, Sister Ye. After everyone else is dismissed, stay for awhile.”

Those things she wants to talk about are most definitely not good. However, I just couldn’t run away now.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” I then sat down next to Ming Yi Fei as other concubines now greeted Li Zhen Zhen.

“Sister Ye, are you okay?” Ming Yi Fei worriedly asked.

“If Sister Ming keeps on worrying that much, you’ll grow old in no time. I’m really okay, so you shouldn’t worry. Else your man wouldn’t want you if you keep on like this.” I joked and smiled helplessly. Really, this child is such a worrywart.

“U-un.” Ming Yi Fei hesitantly nodded.

The session then proceeded without much happenings. But the curious glances the other concubines were sending me the whole time was a little annoying. Still, they never voiced out their thoughts, so I wasn’t that bothered.

When the session ended, everyone else was dismissed, and as said earlier, I stayed.

Ming Yi Fei was reluctant to go, seeing me keep my word to see Li Zhen Zhen in private.

“Sister Ye…” She began, but I cut her off.

“I told you to not worry.” I couldn’t hold back, so I patted her head.

“But! ……Be careful.” Ming Yi Fei obviously have many things to say against the idea of me staying, but she merely told me such.

“I will. Sister Ming should too.” Then I let go of her head, and she left, clearly reluctant to leave me behind.

That child, really. Every time, for some reason, my chest feels warm. Am I getting sick?

….Of course not. Though I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t able to shut down some part of my emotions. I know I am making excuses with this, but I think it’s good to not fully shut down emotionally, as that’s what makes me, me. Discovering my real self along the way, emotions have a very big part in personality. Once those thoughts were over, I turned back and faced Li Zhen Zhen once again.

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