ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 38

“T-troops? …Huk!” I asked Li Ming as he touched the spot in me.

“Un.” He responded as he sucked on my right nipple.

I held his head in place as I asked, “What do you need them for? Ngg… Is there ahh war or something?”

He let go of my nipple with a pop and said before moving to the other, “Something like that. Ling-er doesn’t need to concern herself with such stuff.”

…So he does not intend to say anything more, huh. Fine. I still got the information I needed most.

“Ling-er should just focus on our lovemaking.” He said as his lips moved lower and lower until he reached the place where his fingers were still continuously moving and going in and out. Li Ming then gave a hearty lick to my clit, the pressure of his tongue building up my climax.


“As expected, Ling-er really tastes so delicious.” He then continued his licking as if he couldn’t get enough, and I finally peaked. He continued ‘drinking’ even the love juices I squirted at that.

When I came down from my high and when he seemed to have drank enough, he inserted his length in me.

“Ah, Ling-er! You’re really… different. Ung!” He said as he started thrusting in and out of my cave. “You’re hugging me just right. Ugh. Gg.”

“Ngg~ ahh~”

Li Ming bent down and sucked on my breasts once more. He bit my nipple and I screamed in pain and pleasure.

“Shh. Ling-er. Even though I want everyone to know you’re mine, now’s not the time to do that yet.” Li Ming said as he covered my mouth with his one hand. “And, I don’t want them to hear how my Ling-er sounds in bed.” He narrowed his eyes dangerously, as if thinking something he definitely hates. His thrusting also became faster and rougher, and he then left hickeys in many parts of my skin again.

“Ling-er, remember, you’re mine. Mine! I’ll definitely come back as soon as I can and you’ll finally be tied to me. When that time comes, you can never leave me. Don’t even think about someone else. That Ji Zhen Tian? He’s dead to me. I’ll be the only one you’ll see. Understand?” He threatened as his hand that covered my mouth roamed my neck, as if warning he’ll strangle me if I answered wrongly.

But he didn’t wait for my answer, instead, kissed me passionately. Li Ming then adjusted the angles of our hips, and he’s hitting something in me that feels even better.

“Ling-er, Ling-er!” He called out, seemingly about to climax.

He strummed my clit, as if urging me to peak at the same time as him.

And we came together.

When he got back his normal breathing, he flipped me over and rammed me roughly from behind.

“Never forget what I said. I’m serious, Ling-er.” He once again threatened as he raised my head that was face flat on the pillow through his hand on my chin, making me look at his eyes, making me see how serious he is.

“Un.” I have no other choice but to nod the best I can, so as to not anger him. Li Ming seemed satisfied with my answer as he let go of my chin.

Both his hands are now on my hips as he pushed even harder from behind.

“Ling-er. Ling-er. Ling-er!” He said my name as if chanting a prayer. His thrusts never stopped, and

“Ah~ ahng~ ahng~” I moaned and moaned and climaxed before him.

At that climax, I fainted.

⊙ ⊙

The next morning, everything was back to normal. I was lying on my bed, clothes intact and no signs of sex around the room.

As if, everything from last night was just a dream.

But the soreness in my body tells me a different story. Everything that happened last night, really did happen.

Aside from the soreness, my body also feels a little sluggish. I wonder why?

Then my maids heard me waking up and politely entered my room.

“Your Highness, why is your face so red?” Was what one of them said as they entered the room.

Red? I thought. I then touched my face, then my forehead. It felt hot. I may have caught a cold.

“I think I may have caught a cold.” I told them.

The maids then panicked and shouted for someone to call an imperial physician.

I think their reaction’s a bit over the top. I only caught a cold. What’s the big deal?

“Your Highness, please lay down. The physician is already on his way. Please don’t move that much. We’ll take care of you.” They said.

“I only caught a cold. It’s not a big deal. No need to fuss that much.” I replied to their ramblings.

“Your Highness! Many have already died from colds! We can’t let anything bad happen to Imperial Consort. His Majesty the Emperor would be so angered otherwise! We’ll report this immediately to His Majesty. Perhaps Imperial Consort will feel a bit better if the Emperor visits.”

The imperial physician they called for really did come soon. He evaluated that it was just a common cold caught from being chilled, perhaps, last night. He then prescripted some medicine, and after I was made to take in that bitter thing, the imperial physician left.

My maids then apologized for their carelessness of letting me be cold through the night. But I told them it was not their fault, and it was my sleeping position that may have induced me to catch such a thing.

I wonder if I caught a cold from talking to Li Ming for awhile last night while naked. If that’s the reason… how… lame. Embarrassing.

Throughout the day, I continued resting, thinking that the Emperor they informed would also come as soon as he’s free. I would then tell him of the Li family’s plan.

However, contrary to expectations again, Ji Zhen Tian never came to visit.

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