ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 37

That same night, somebody sneaked in to my palace again.

Of course, who else will be crazy enough to sneak in an Imperial Consort’s palace deep in the night but Li Ming?

“Ling-er~” he called out to me, voice childish.

I opened my eyes and saw him standing beside my bed. When he saw that I opened my eyes, he leaned in and hugged me tightly, his arms around my neck, clinging on to me.

“Ling-er! I’m going to be away for awhile… I will miss you!”

He was hugging me so tight that I couldn’t speak and respond to his wailings. He continued babbling things.

“But I’ll endure! When I come back, it’ll be time for me to take Ling-er home! I just need to hold back myself a little longer and you’ll be finally mine, in my bed!”


…What? Their rebellion plan has already reached its final phase? Oh no. Oh no! I… I haven’t done anything yet! Rather than not having done anything, other than planting Xi Jiu as a spy, I haven’t even told or hinted at Ji Zhen Tian! …But he’s wise, and Xi Jiu is meticulous, so probably he knows already, …right? I hope so. But even with that, I myself haven’t even planned anything yet! Isn’t this developing way too fast? Li Ming has only been back to the capital for several days! Not even a month yet!

While my thoughts were running around a mile a minute, Li Ming,

“Because I’m going to be gone for awhile, I need my Ling-er now to make up for it. I also haven’t visited you yesterday. I was busy. I’m sorry, Ling-er. You probably have missed me too.” Li Ming let my neck free from his arms wounding around it, but his hands are now caressing my face, his eyes on mine, his words sounding convinced.

He’s convinced I missed him. Why would I even!

I wasn’t able to dwell more on those as Li Ming kissed me with fiery passion, as if engraving himself, as if wanting to swallow me whole.

In between kisses,

“Ling-er” A kiss. “I’ll come get you” Another kiss. “Soon.” And another. “You just have to wait.”

…I don’t want to wait for anything that has got to do with you.

But, of course, I could not say that to him, fearing in a fit of anger, he’d kill me. I’m almost at my goal. Only a little bit longer. That’s all I’m waiting for and nothing else matters. Just, hopefully, Ji Zhen Tian will come out victorious in the end despite my non-involvement. That was a flaw in my part. I got careless, carried away, thinking that I still had time. I really need to correct that attitude. And I definitely will.

Before I even knew it, while I was occupied with all those thoughts running in my head, I was already undressed by Li Ming.

“Ah. Ling-er. These… these are still mine, right? You’re still mine.” Li Ming said as he traced his love marks from the other night.

I snapped back to reality with that.

“Why are you here?” I finally found my voice to talk to him.

“Ling-er really doesn’t know how to listen, as always.” Li Ming said, shaking his head, sounding helpless. “I told you, I’m going away for awhile. Sadly.” He pouted. “And, I’ll miss you, so I’m making up for the time away now.” Li Ming kindly repeated himself. Though, ‘kind‘ is really not a word to describe him.

“Why would you be gone? Where would you go?”

Then Li Ming looked happy, and answered, “As expected. Ling-er really will miss me too!” He sounded convinced again. He looked at me expectantly, as if waiting for me to answer and confirm his statement.

I won’t miss him, definitely won’t. But, for the sake of obtaining information, I’ll lie this time.

“…Un.” I nodded my head only slightly. I really can’t be that enthusiastic about lying.

Haha. I guess I’m really a hypocrite, huh. Thinking not enthusiastic about lying, but had come this far through deceiving others.

I’m quite selfish. And self-righteous. I know. I’m… slowly discovering things about myself. Even the negatives.

Anyway, Li Ming finally answered my questions. I have an inkling on why he will go, but I have no idea where. It’s best to get the answer directly from his mouth, to make things clear once and for all.

“I’m going to finalize the plans for me to take Ling-er as my own.” Li Ming said proudly.

“Plans? What plans? …Huk!” I then sucked in a breath as Li Ming suddenly fingered my clit.

“Sorry, Ling-er. I can’t explain everything fully, but I’ll tell you at least what I’m going to do and where I’m going to not make you worry.” He now inserted his finger in my pussy, making me even wetter. “I’m going to the town of Qing to bring back troops I raised.”

Qing? Troops? Now my speculation has been confirmed. I need to somehow tell this to Ji Zhen Tian. …But, perhaps he already knows through Xi Jiu?

…No, I’ll tell him still. I can use this.

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