ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 36

That statement seemed to ease his tension, and we went on to the palace gate. There, my maids who were driven out earlier were waiting for me.

“Your Highness!” They exclaimed.

As they were approaching us, Xi Jiu, “Then Imperial Consort, I’m going back. Please be careful on your way to your palace.” And then he bowed and left.

My gossiper maid, “Your Highness, that was Xi Jiu, right?” She glanced over my shoulder and looked at his departing back.

“Un.” I nodded, but switched topics immediately. “Let’s go. Once we get back, serve me snacks.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

And so we journeyed back to my palace.

When we arrived there, my maids finally noticed.

“Your Highness! Why is your cheek a little red and swollen?!”

“…Get me some treatment for this.”

“Your Highness, it was the Empress, no?!” My gossiper maid said a little loudly.

“Calm down. Don’t let the others hear it, as rumors will spread.” If it will, they’ll wonder what Li Zhen Zhen and I talked about, and that’s not good. That may lead to one investigation and another, and they may find things that shouldn’t be found out.

“…Yes, Your Highness. Let’s just wait for the Emperor to find out, and he’ll definitely do something about it!” Then she proceeded to find ointment.

…He will probably go here as soon as he hears this. With that worry wart personality… Well, towards me, at least. I shook my head internally at that thought, and a smile slipped out.

“Your Highness, is something the matter? You’re smiling while in a daze.” The maid who brought in snacks said.

“Hmm? No, it’s nothing.”

…Am I happy I’m finally seeing him after not being able to do so for days?

…This can’t go on. I… need to control my emotions.

Be emotionless, be emotionless. Stop useless thoughts.

I tried brainwashing myself.

At that time, the maid who went to get ointment returned, and she applied what she brought to my face. The ointment was cooling, and it stopped me from thinking of other thoughts.

⊙ ⊙

Then night came.

“Please serve dinner now.” I purposely delayed dinner for some time, waiting… for someone.

But, that person never came.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

I ate my dinner alone, a little lonely.

I really should stop having expectations, and stop growing these emotions while they’re still young.

I never expected to be disappointed when Ji Zhen Tian didn’t even come to visit when something clearly happened to me.

…Perhaps, he haven’t heard the news yet?

…No, that’s impossible. It’s already this late, and with all his spies around me and Li Zhen Zhen, he definitely heard what happened.

…Heard what happened?

He heard what happened! Perhaps, he also heard about our conversation?!

…Did he believe Li Zhen Zhen’s words?

I smiled deprecatingly when eating a mouthful of rice.

I never thought I would be this disappointed. Even though what Li Zhen Zhen said was true, but I still wanted him to believe in me unconditionally.

That was a selfish thought, I know. But that’s how it is, and how it remained. Just that. A thought. It didn’t happen in reality.

I kept eating my dinner in solitude.

When I finished, I read a book for quite some time, and didn’t sleep early.

…I guess, I couldn’t help but still expect.

I really need to erase these. Maybe, Ji Zhen Tian really heard and had already investigated what happened.

“System, what’s Ji Zhen Tian’s favorability this time?” I called out the system, thinking that if he heard, then my favorability rating would most definitely drop. Not by a lot, I hope.

《Ji Zhen Tian’s favorability towards host is still the same as before, 87.》

Strange. It didn’t move. Perhaps, he haven’t heard of any news at all, that’s why he never came to me?

I’m having these strange expectations again.

To kill these hopes, I asked the system another question.

“Then, has Ji Zhen Tian heard what happened earlier? About me visiting Li Zhen Zhen, or being slapped at that?”


…Yes, huh. Now that really killed my strange thoughts.

He heard, but still didn’t come. I see.

I closed my book and went to bed.

I fell asleep, thoughts anew, emotions now gone.

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