ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 34

Sister Ye” Li Zhen Zhen grinned widely, her smile ominous. Then, she laughed. Hard. “Hahahaha! Who would’ve thought! Hahahaha!!”

…What’s wrong with this person…

Though I’m feeling pretty creeped out, I only narrowed my eyes at her outwardly without showing that.

“Hahahaha! You don’t have to narrow your eyes at me like that, Sister Ye.”

“What did you call me out here for?” I totally stopped being courteous.

“I know what you did.” Li Zhen Zhen’s ominous grin is back again.

“What does Your Majesty mean?” I asked, suspicious.

“Of course, I’m talking about what you did with my brother. I know everything.” Li Zhen Zhen, still smiling, said gloatingly.

I visibly stiffened. I noticed Xi Jiu behind Li Zhen Zhen stiffen the same.

“Was it two nights ago? If I remembered correctly. Brother claimed you, no?” She’s back to laughing again. “Who would’ve thought! The Emperor’s most beloved! Giving him a green hat through his neglected Empress’ brother! Take that, Ji Zhen Tian! Hahahaha!” Li Zhen Zhen laughed hysterically.

“I don’t know what Your Majesty is talking about.” I replied, calming down. She has no evidence. …or so I would like to think.

“Hahahaha! You can play dumb all you want. But I know what happened. Not the exact details, though. Of course, I’m not interested in knowing how you like to take it, so I especially didn’t ask.”

“I absolutely have no idea what Your Majesty is talking about. Rather, does Empress even have evidence to back up your claims?”

“Hmm…” Li Zhen Zhen tapped her lip with her finger, thinking. “I don’t.” She said proudly.

“If the Empress has no evidence, then I would like to ask Your Majesty to not spread this matter, or shall I say, rumor, to anyone. The one who would be ridiculed may only be Your Majesty. I really didn’t do anything with Your Majesty’s brother.”

“As I said, Sister Ye can play dumb all you like, but we both, and my brother, know what you did. And oh, Sir Xi Jiu too.”

I glanced at Xi Jiu with that statement of Li Zhen Zhen, and I noticed him clenching his fist tightly, and from that, I can say he’s holding back himself from lashing out, even though I couldn’t see his face as his head is lowered.

Perhaps, he’s disappointed in me now? Angry?

…I am sorry for lying to him and using him. Yet, more than that, other than that, I don’t feel anything.

But… when I think of the one hearing this is Ji Zhen Tian… I can’t explain what I’m feeling. I suddenly feel… nervous, down.

…It’s probably because of my mission. …Don’t be that nervous. He won’t find out. Or, I can pretend when he does. No need to worry. I continued thinking, reassuring myself.

“Don’t think about claiming even Xi Jiu, Sister Ye.” Li Zhen Zhen finally had her smile crack and glared at me.

I seemed to be in a daze for awhile, so she misunderstood why I was staring at Xi Jiu.

“I only have the Emperor in my heart, Your Majesty.” I said.

“Emperor, my foot. I’m not doing anything more to you for now only because my brother is interested in you! Don’t think too much of yourself. Once my brother loses interest, just look out for what I’m going to do to you!” Li Zhen Zhen stood up from her seat and stomped going to me, grabbing my chin tightly, making me look into her eyes.

“You’re only still here because you’re a pawn to my plans! A piece needed for my brother to move! Don’t get ahead of yourself. Everything does not revolve around you!” Li Zhen Zhen yelled right in front of my face.

The chin she’s grasping hurts. Her spit also rained on me. But, I never once averted my eyes from hers.

I removed the hand she’s using to hold my chin as soon as she was done with her crazy monologue. I at least let her finish. I do want to know what she’s up to, but it seems she’s not saying more.

“I don’t know what the Empress is plotting, but I have no plans of getting involved in it.” Rather, I want to get in the way.

Then suddenly, Li Zhen Zhen slapped me.

I unconsciously brought my left hand to my slapped cheek, head still turned, dumbfounded.

“I said don’t get too cocky! How dare you talk back to this Empress?!!”

As I was about to get slapped again, somebody got in between Li Zhen Zhen and I, and got hit instead.

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