ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 33

“I heard the General and Sister Ye bumped into each other again the day after you two first did. It was that day Sister Ye was late at meeting me, right?” Ming Yi Fei said with a worried look.

“Un.” I nodded. “But it’s fine. I’m fine. Nothing happened. I wasn’t hurt or anything.”

“But for you two to bump into each other for two consecutive days,” Ming Yi Fei trembled. “it may be no coincidence.”

“…Why would you think so?”

“Because! It’s General Li Ming! He’s Li Zhen Zhen’s brother!” Ming Yi Fei said, agitated.

“C-calm down a little, Sister Ming.” I said, and tried to reassure her. “I’m really fine. Sorry for having made you worry.”

“M-my sister… I-I don’t want the same thing to happen to Sister Ye. I-I can’t…” Ming Yi Fei started to sob.

To have someone care for you this much… it’s not a bad feeling.

I smiled and felt my face soften as I wiped Ming Yi Fei’s tears with a handkerchief.

“Thank you for the concern, Sister Ming. Even though I’m like this, and my family may not yield as much power as the Li’s, I did come from a family that had produced a general before. I at least know how to protect myself a little. And, I also have other people protecting me. I have faith in them all.”

Ming Yi Fei seemed to have been comforted a bit and she stopped crying.

“U-un. But still, please be careful.” Ming Yi Fei looked at me with red eyes.

“I will.” I said smilingly. “Sister Ming should, too.”

Ming Yi Fei then nodded.

After that, the talk diverted to something more lighthearted.

When it was already a little late, Ming Yi Fei said her goodbye and left my palace.

After she left, that’s when an invitation came to me.

“Imperial Consort Ye, the Empress invites you for tea in her palace tomorrow.” A eunuch from Li Zhen Zhen’s palace announced.

“…What does she need me for?”

“Her Majesty is worried about Imperial Consort Ye’s health because Imperial Consort was absent yesterday in greeting Her Majesty. The Empress heard that Imperial Consort had been already better today, but Her Majesty wanted to make sure Your Highness is truly fine already.”

“…I see.” What is Li Zhen Zhen up to now? “Then please tell the Empress I accept her invitation.” I replied to the eunuch, thinking that I should just see for myself what she’s planning.

⊙ ⊙

The next day, I headed for Li Zhen Zhen’s palace.

I didn’t even bother thinking much what she’s up to and went to sleep early last night, free of such stressful thoughts. Thankfully, Li Ming didn’t visit me last night. Perhaps since he already got a taste, he’s already tired of me? If that’s so, then I’m not hurt, rather, I’m more pleased with that. More than the pleasure he gave, I don’t want that lunatic creeping around me all the time.

At that thought, I arrived at Li Zhen Zhen’s palace.

When I arrived at the front gates, I noticed that the guards in the entrance didn’t include Xi Jiu, unlike before.

But when I entered the receiving room, Xi Jiu was there, standing behind Li Zhen Zhen’s seat. It was so obvious that there’s definitely something going on between them.

As I entered the hall, my eyes immediately met with Xi Jiu’s. But, I immediately turned my eyes away and focused at Li Zhen Zhen’s.

“Greetings to the Empress.” I bowed and greeted. I still need to be respectful to her. For now, at least.

“Un. Sister Ye may rise.” I immediately straightened my back and got straight to the point?

“What does the Empress need from me?” I narrowed my eyes at her like how Imperial Consort Ye usually does.

Li Zhen Zhen chuckled. “Take a seat first, Sister Ye.”

“Serve us tea.” Li Zhen Zhen ordered her maid.

I went to sit down, and received the tea.

“System, is there anything wrong with this tea?”

《There are no abnormalities in this tea, host. It’s plain, ordinary tea.》

“I see. Thanks.”

Li Zhen Zhen serving ‘plain and ordinary’ is rather very surprising.

Knowing that there’s nothing wrong, I gladly sipped a mouthful of tea.

Thereafter, I once again looked at Li Zhen Zhen’s eyes directly, though this time, without saying anything, but my eyes clearly tell she should speak now.

Li Zhen Zhen chuckled once more.

“No rush, ‘Sister’ Ye.” Li Zhen Zhen sipped her tea.

“Leave us all alone.” Li Zhen Zhen commanded her servants to leave, but as Xi Jiu was also about to go, “Xi Jiu is allowed to stay.”

“I dare not, Your Majesty.” Xi Jiu said, bowing.

“Stay.” The glint in Li Zhen Zhen’s eyes changed. Xi Jiu was made to stay, though he was obviously reluctant to.

When Li Zhen Zhen once again turned to me, the dangerous glint she had just now vanished and she’s now all smiles.

…That character… that immediate change in expression… reminds me of someone…

I shuddered a little.

“Now then, about ‘Sister’ Ye…”

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