ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 31

Li Ming suddenly took away my source of pleasure.

I looked at him, feeling wronged.

But, he just chuckled. “Ling-er doesn’t need to look at me like that. I’ll give you what you want. But, only if you say it, Ling-er.” He smiled, challenging me to say it, licking the fingers he just had in my cave.

“Say it, Ling-er. Say you want me. I know you do. Look how much sweet juice came out.” Li Ming said, so sure of himself, finishing cleaning his fingers of my wetness.

I need him, and I do want him. And so, I abandoned my shy character and boldly said,

“Take me, General~”

With that, Li Ming smirked, took off his clothes, and aligned himself to my entrance.

But, he didn’t immediately pushed in, instead, he paused and looked at me. That look says he’s going to take me hard.

Yes please~ though I didn’t say that, I said, “Hurry~”

Li Ming chuckled once again. “Imperial Consort Ye is so impatient. You were right. I didn’t know you much. Now I know you crave this act so much.”

But as he pushed in, his chuckle was replaced with a groan and a moan. “Ugh, so tight~”

He threw his head back and stilled himself inside of me. “Ugh, I need a minute. Damn, so tight. Are you sure the Emperor is loving you properly?” Li Ming was mumbling to himself, as if keeping himself from rutting away.

Then, he looked at me, eyes filled with lust and passion. “Or is it that this body was just specially made to please men?” He licked his lips.

… He got it right once again. Though, I didn’t say that, as I could only moan when he pulled out and immediately slammed back in.

“Ah~ General~~ Ah~ah~ah~”

“Ggh, so tight, so wet” Li Ming said as he increased speed.

“Oh~oh~oh~ Yes! Like that~ like that!” I couldn’t help myself as he keeps hitting my clit when he pulls out, and the right spot in me when he pushes in.

“Ugh~ I’ve never felt like this before. You’re different from other women. Ah~ Haaa~” Li Ming said as he turned me around on my knees, ass up in the air, face flat on the pillow.

He pushed in deeper in me, and all he could say is “Damn, damn, damn!”

While all I could say is “Yes! Ah~ More~ more!!” I couldn’t think straight anymore and could only utter those words with a moan.

My voice was getting louder and louder as I was approaching climax.

“Shh. Ling-er, I know you’re… ug… feeling good, but you shouldn’t be too noisy. You don’t want those outside to wake up, don’t you?” Li Ming said, covering my mouth with his right hand, his chest to my back, his other hand on my clit, stroking and pinching it as he continuously thrust in me.

“Oh, you like that, Ling-er? Them coming in, seeing you being taken, moreover, by someone not your husband at that.” He said as he felt me getting wetter. The thought did excite me, but I don’t exactly need that to reach the peak, and I don’t want problems to arise from being discovered like this.

Though in response, I could only moan into his hand.

“Damn! No wonder Ji Zhen Tian always comes here. I really want to take you home immediately. Ugh~ Haa~” I felt myself clench my walls to his length at the mention of Ji Zhen Tian. I suddenly felt… weird.

But my thoughts were immediately broken when Li Ming let go of my mouth and pinched my nipple instead, his left hand still on my clit, so I was not able to dwell more on that feeling. All I could feel now is the built up tension as we string ourselves to climax.

“Damn! I’m gonna cum, gonna cum! Ling-er, cum with me! Ugh~ haa~ ah~ah~ uk!!” then we both stilled and came at the same time.

Li Ming then collapsed his total weight on me, his hands still on my nipple and clit, but he let go of them immediately. He pushed my hair curtaining my face to the side and said,

“That was the best sex I ever had. You. You’re so different. Even more skilled and has a more tuned body than those military prostitutes. I can’t wait to take you home, Ling-er.” Evil was swimming in his eyes just before he closed them as he kissed me on the forehead.

“You came so much in me” I whispered, feeling tired and drowsy, my eyes closing. I didn’t mean anything from it, just that, that prolonged my climax so I said it.

Li Ming then stroked my face, saying, “Don’t worry. You won’t get pregnant. Ever.” The last word was said in a whisper.

“Didn’t you take my little sister’s soup? I heard from my sister. That soup is no nourishment soup, it’s for infertility.” He continued, whispering in my ear.

With that, I opened my eyes and looked straight at him. I don’t know what kind of expression is reflected in my eyes, but Li Ming only laughed and said,

“No worries! This General will still take you home! Rather, I like that you won’t ever get pregnant so I can have my way and take you whenever I want!” Then he suddenly turned solemn. “But, Ling-er, don’t light up that incense you received from sister anymore, okay? That’s bad for your health.”

I didn’t know what to say, as that was no news to me. Rather, I’m surprised he’s even saying that much. Is he that confident I won’t report this to the Emperor? Or, is he that confident in their plans of overthrowing him?

I was unable to ask anymore as he inserted his hard length in me once again.

“Ah~ yes~” was the only thing I managed to get out.

And we continued until we reached the peak once again. I was not able to think about other things anymore with all the pleasure he’s giving me. He didn’t leave until I passed out from the exhaustion and satisfaction.

I’ve never acted totally like that with Ji Zhen Tian, totally uninhibited, plainly taking what I want. I couldn’t. I have a character to play.

Sex with Li Ming was also the best sex I ever had to date.

I got what I want, I got what I need. My body is extremely satisfied. But, why exactly does it feel like something’s missing?

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