ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 30

That night, I wasn’t able to sleep at all. I was worrying when Li Ming will barge in again.

After some time, he did come.

As he approached me on the bed, I sat up and warily said,

“You did come, huh.”

“Of course. For my Ling-er.” He brought his hand on my chin and raised my head to make me directly look him in the eyes.

When I look into his eyes, I can see he’s up to something. Behind the smile he’s currently wearing is something that I bet isn’t good.

“Why did you come look for me earlier?” I asked him directly.

“Ah. So my Ling-er had heard about that. Un. I wanted to see you again because I already missed you.” Li Ming is now holding my face with both his hands, smiling gently.

But, I was unfazed.

“Why? Do you want to make trouble again?”

“Ak, I’m hurt. Ling-er, I just really miss you. I didn’t even come to your palace to really make trouble during the day. If I really wanted to trouble you, I would’ve come here. But, I held myself back. Even though I really miss you.” He does look hurt, but I still don’t trust him.

“Why would you even miss me? We don’t know each other.”

“You’re Ye Ling and I’m Li Ming. We do know each other.”

I narrowed my eyes at him.

“I’m not in the mood for sarcasm.”

Li Ming once again looked hurt. “It’s not sarcasm.”

I didn’t respond to that anymore, instead, I asked

“Why are you here now?”

“I told you last night, didn’t I? I’ll come again to visit you tonight. And, even though I can’t bring you home for now, I’ll take you here and there. I thought I said it clearly. Did my Ling-er not understand properly?” He said patiently, but the fire in his eyes tell another story.

“If my Ling-er still doesn’t understand, then I’ll just make you.” Li Ming then leaned into me, and kissed me. He brought one knee to the bed, pushing me down. Though he kissed me, I didn’t kiss him back.

“Ling-er, be a good girl. I know you want this. I clearly know your intentions from that time when you pushed this chest against me.” He said as he kneaded my right breast. “Look, it’s slowly becoming pebbled now. My Ling-er does want me after all.” He leaned in and kissed me once again.

I kissed him back now, thinking I need to do this. And, I could say he’s a really great kisser. And, I do feel good with him kneading my breast.

Our kiss turned deeper as we sucked each other’s tongue. Li Ming then undressed me, still not breaking the kiss. As soon as my breasts were free, he immediately pinched both of my erect nipples, making me moan into his mouth. He then leaned back and took a look at me, his eyes roamed my face, my whole body, as I was dazed and panting from the kiss.

“My Ling-er enjoyed it. I knew it. You want me too.” He said as he pinched my one nipple even harder, his other hand roamed downwards towards my drenched cave, making me moan.


“Shh. Ling-er, you shouldn’t be too noisy. As they say, walls have ears. If they hear you, they might come ruin our fun.” Li Ming said, as if he is reprimanding a child.

Then, he suddenly turned angry.

“Ji Zhen Tian’s marks are still on you!” He said a little loudly. Even though he just said not to be too noisy… “No matter. I’ll just replace them with mine.” Li Ming said, determined.

He then went to suck on my skin, over the hickeys Ji Zhen Tian made, as if a man on a mission. But, his fingers never forgot to do their job. Two fingers were inserted in me, his palm rubbing on my clit, making me arch my back. Li Ming never stopped, only pinned me down with his large build.

His fingers in me were each forming circles, making me feel ecstatic, making me clamp my walls over his fingers.

“Ugh, Ling-er, you’re gonna cut my fingers off with how tight you’re going. But, I don’t mind. I can’t wait to be beside you.” Li Ming paused, as if feeling something. “Oh. You’re even wetter. You like that, Ling-er? You want me inside you too?” I can feel myself getting even more drenched as I unconsciously tighten my walls even further.

“Ah~ Ah~” I moaned as Li Ming still continued his ministrations.

But, he suddenly pulled out.

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