ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 28

The system did warn me before that my emotions are not shielded, and so I need to be careful.

With this, am I in trouble?

…No, as long as I’ll be careful from now and not involve myself anymore than this, then I’ll be fine.

Thinking that, I felt a little relieved. Which, in itself, is odd.

Not thinking about that anymore, I was once again immersed in my conversation with Ji Zhen Tian.

I can say he’s a sensible person, and a great emperor. He makes smart decisions and the country progressed, and still is progressing, in his reign. No wonder his name made it to history. Talking to him directly like this, I can definitely understand why. His thought processes actually made me admire him. Plus, he’s very hardworking, and does his best for the good of the common people despite multiple oppositions from the nobles.

I too, shared my opinions on several things, even political ones, and with that,

《Favorability rating is now 87.》

It only raised by 2. Was my opinion only worth that much respect and value?

《Host is actually in a stage where raising favorability is difficult. A ‘2’ increase in favorability actually equates to 10 to 20 points of previous increases. For host to increase by 2 points, it just means that Ji Zhen Tian values host’s opinion that much. Ji Zhen Tian views host’s opinion as important and valuable.》

Oh. So I need to do better even more, huh. And, “System, are you comforting me?”


“Thank you.” I whispered to the system.

Ji Zhen Tian and I continued on, doing stuff, and talking like this until dusk came, when he left and went to prepare to visit another consort.

That actually made me uncomfortable. Very.

But, I think it’s only because in the end, I wasn’t able to ask about Ming Yi Fei’s sister and the things that happened to Ji Zhen Tian before… right?

⊙ ⊙

That same night, when I was already asleep, I suddenly woke up, feeling a presence in the room.

I felt that person come nearer and nearer to me, until that person eventually reached my bed. That person then reached out a hand and stroked my cheek, saying

“I know you’re awake, Your Highness.” The voice sounded familiar. I know this person.

I then opened my eyes to confirm who it was, and I was right. It was Li Ming, as expected.

“Imperial Consort Ye didn’t go out of her palace today at all. I didn’t have a chance to meet you today.” Li Ming said sadly, hand still stroking my cheeks, tone pouty. A grown muscular man, pouting. What. The.

And, why the heck is he even here?!

That question must have reflected in my face, as Li Ming answered,

“I missed you.” Now that sounded wrong. Creepy. Why would he even?

“You. You’re interesting.” He chuckled ominously. “I want you.” He said, with smoldering heat in his eyes. Shivers ran down my spine, but I don’t know if it’s because of fear or excitement. I really don’t know which of the two am I feeling with this guy, even from before.

“And, I’ll get you. Soon.” This was a warning, an announcement. “I always get what I want.” He confirmed.

As I was too stupefied to think just now, when I came back to my senses, I readied to scream for help. Help from this lunatic. I badly need it.

But, just as I was about to do so, Li Ming covered my mouth.

“It’s useless to scream, Imperial Consort. How did you think I even managed to come here?”

My eyes widened. He wouldn’t have… everyone…

“Don’t worry, I just knocked them out. They’re only unconscious.”

A flood of relief washed through me. As much as possible, I don’t want innocent people to get caught up with the things happening to me. Though, that may be a little hypocrital as I involved the innocent Xi Jiu. But I do mean it. As much as possible, I do want to avoid that.

Li Ming must have recognized the relief that passed me.

“Imperial Consort Ye does not need to worry. As long as you behave, no one will get hurt.” Li Ming bobbed his head up and down while saying so.

As soon as he retrieved his hand covering my mouth,

“The Emperor won’t let you go.” I warned.

Then he scoffed, “What can he do to me? This Great General had survived the battlefields for so long. What can a person cooped up in the imperial palace do to someone as experienced as me?” Li Ming said gloatingly. “He can’t touch me.”

Li Ming then cupped my face with both hands and leaned down, bringing his face closer to mine. He then said, endearing,

“So you should just wait for me to claim you fully. In the meantime, I’ll only take your body here and there, but when the time comes, I’ll take you home… Ling-er.” He leaned back and smirked at the last phrase, when he said my name.

I stared at him with eyes wide opened. Could it be?!

“Un” Li Ming nodded, always knowing what I’m feeling and asking behind my expressions. “Because I wasn’t able to meet Ling-er today ‘coincidentally’, I went to visit you…” then he continued, voice now blaming and angry, “…but who would’ve thought Ling-er was caught up in here because of the Emperor! I am very unhappy! I almost lunged at him. Especially when he did this and that to you, and when he called your name! Even though Ling-er is my Ling-er! I’m the only one who is allowed to call you so! But, I managed to hold myself back…” He calmed down a little. “Aren’t I patient and great, Ling-er?” He asked that question smilingly, seeking for praise.

C-crazy. This person is crazy!

“I’ll absolutely come fetch you soon, Ling-er. Just you wait for a bit, okay?” Li Ming stroked my lips and kissed me.

“I won’t do anything else for tonight because…” Li Ming then turned angry once again, this time, even more so. “…that person is still inside you! You better clean up well. And, all these traces of him,” he said, tracing the hickeys on my neck, “I’ll replace them with my own!” He went to choke me for an instant. Thankfully, he let go immediately. But, it still hurt.

Once again, Li Ming changed his tone, gentle this time.

“I’ll be going for now, Ling-er. I’ll come back tomorrow. So don’t get lonely without me, okay?”

Without waiting for my answer, Li Ming kissed my forehead and left.

As soon as he did, I gulped, trying to get rid of the small lump on my throat.

Lunatic! Lunatic! Lunatic!

“System, what kind of crazy person are you pushing me to?!” I asked the system, blaming it.

《…..》 [It’s not this system’s fault. It’s all because of that person… Please don’t blame this system.] But the system was only able to remain speechless and unable to express its thoughts.

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