ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 27

“Z-Zhen Tian~” I said between kisses.

“Don’t involve yourself with him anymore. I’m sure he’s up to something.” Ji Zhen Tian warned. He then went on to make wet kisses on my neck.

“U-un” I replied as I tilted my head, giving him more access.

Ji Zhen Tian rubbed my breasts through my clothes. The sensation made my nipples peak, Ji Zhen Tian pinching them. I curved my back at the pain and pleasure.

“Zhen Tian~” I said, sounding needy.

“Un, I know.” Ji Zhen Tian immediately sucked on one pebbled nipple as soon as it was free, cupping my other breast with his left hand, his right sensually travelling down past my navel to my core.

“So wet.” Ji Zhen Tian said as he felt my overflowing honey pot and released my left breast from his mouth. He then sucked on my skin, leaving his marks, as his mouth travelled down following his hand, palm rubbing on my nub.

“Ah~” I love that. Do that again. But, I could not say that as I could only moan out my pleasure.

With one definite lick across my snatch, my hips rose, but he pinned me down with his hands. He licked me there with his tongue, as if a parched man in a desert finally finding an oasis.

“Come, my beloved. Don’t think of any man other than me. Don’t even think about meeting them. Or else I won’t be merciful.” Ji Zhen Tian threateningly said as his fingers replaced his tongue, two fingers rubbing my walls faster and faster, his tongue now back to attacking my nub, teeth then biting my clit. I could only moan in response.

“Zhen Tiaaannn~~~” He kept my rising hips pinned down with his other hand as I gripped a fistful of his hair, urging him to stay there and continue his ministrations.

“Zhen Tian, Zhen Tian!” I kept chanting his name like a prayer, and that seemed to urge him to do better and increase his pace, and with that, I climaxed.

I was still high from my climax when Ji Zhen Tian immediately pushed his length forward, not giving me time to recover at all. I almost went over the edge again. Almost.

He drove his cock in and out of me roughly, as if punishing, or warning, or something close to that. He flipped me around to my knees and kept banging me mercilessly. This position takes him deeper. Not that I hated it. I loved the treatment, even. He keeps hitting all the right spots. I could not even think about anything else but him this instance. Seems he really wants to make me understand that he’s serious with everything he just said.

He grabbed a fistful of my breast with one hand, his other rubbing my clit.

“Come again for me, beloved. Come!” With three final pushes, I came, and he also finally came with me.

We both collapsed just like that, him still on my back.

He then once again sucked on my skin, my neck now filled with his marks.

And, once again excited, this continued on for the rest of the night.

He didn’t even try to leave like he usually does, and we didn’t even manage to eat dinner.

We just went on and on like bunnies in heat the whole night.

⊙ ⊙

The next morning, I woke up seeing Ji Zhen Tian looking at me, his head resting on his hand. When he saw I woke up, he brought his free hand to my face, cupping it and caressing it gently.

“Good morning.” He smiled. Brightly.

“Good morning.” I think I’m a little red right now. I shouldn’t be blushing, but with everything we did last night, I just… I don’t even know how to feel. Looking at his bright smile makes me blush for some reason.

“Isn’t Your Majesty busy?” I asked, not minding the reason anymore.

“The Emperor is busy, but he is taking a break today. It’s already very late, actually, my beloved. Morning court’s over.”

?! I slept until this late?!

“I tired out my beloved this much.” Ji Zhen Tian then shook his head. “I really should reflect on my wrongs and make it up to Ling-er.” Ji Zhen Tian said smilingly.

…This is the first time Ji Zhen Tian ever called out Imperial Consort Ye’s name… my name. For now, that is. That made me shy and red once again for some reason.

“Ling-er should not be shy with me anymore.” He said huskily. “Ling-er is my Ling-er so you should not be uncomfortable with me calling you so… Ling-er.” He whispered to my ear, his voice ringing continuously, making shivers run down my spine. “I said I’ll make it up to Ling-er.” Ji Zhen Tian then nibbled on my ear. “Let’s not get out of bed today. I’ll first let you eat, but afterwards, I’ll be the one eating.” His voice… his voice is so….. near, so…

I can feel myself turn even redder. I really should not be shy at this point. But like this… is a first for me, for as long as I remember. I always used to be the one leading, but now I’m being the one driven by him.

“I-I thought Zhen Tian said you’ll make it up to me.”

“Un. I’ll service you even better.” He started kneading my breasts, but, “Oops. I can’t. Need to feed you first.”

Ji Zhen Tian then called for the servants to bring in food.

Afterwards, he did service me. But that’s not all we did. I did get to know him better as we cuddled, talking about things we know and like. I never thought cuddling would be this so… comfortable. We never really cuddled before as we were not very close. We did talk, but not this intimately. I never thought it would be this… fulfilling.

…Am I in trouble?

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