ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 24

When I was already out of Li Ming’s sight, I stopped.

My maids who rushed to follow me also did. Then they immediately pulled out their concerns.

“Is Imperial Consort okay?”

“That General is so impolite.”

“Wait until the Emperor knows of this.”

Haa. Li Ming’s offering himself to me.

…Should I just take him?

But there’s a problem. Yes, as one of my maids said, what would happen if the Emperor finds out? Will my favorability decrease? Will it vanish to 0? Will I be exiled? Executed?

I merely stood there, surrounded by my maids, pondering.

Then I just thought of something.

“System, maybe… Did Li Ming actually waited for me there?”


I shuddered. Lunatic, I thought. For him to pretend that we just bumped into each other when in reality he waited for me… isn’t that, stalker-like? I shuddered once again.

Even if I got a little excited by his words earlier, on second thought, I don’t really want him.

…But, I still need to-… Haa.

What if we do it and he suddenly becomes addicted? I’m not overestimating myself or anything, but I do trust the body and skills the system gave me.

Oh no. If it’s Li Ming, he’d definitely do anything to get what he wants. I think he’s the type of person to do that. …No, I’m sure of it.

“Mistress? Mistress!”

I suddenly snapped out of my thoughts.


“Your Highness has been in a daze for awhile. This servant thought that something’s wrong. If Imperial Consort is worried about that General, this servant thinks that the Emperor would definitely do something about him.”

She’s not wrong, Ji Zhen Tian will definitely do something to retaliate. But not immediately or as soon as possible, perhaps. I think the Emperor is even more wary and careful now, now that Li Zhen Zhen even called the Great General back, proving that she is definitely planning something. The Great General is no easy enemy. Li Ming has thousands of troops under his command, and perhaps they’re more loyal to him than to the Emperor. …No, they definitely are. Li Ming probably… no, surely… trained them to be so.

What should I do? What should I do?

When I entered a daze once again,

“Your Highness!”

 My maids called out to me again.

“I think Imperial Consort Ye is tired today. Shall we go back instead?” One of my maids suggested.

Should I?…No. I have something to ask Ming Yi Fei.

“No. Let’s just proceed. I think Imperial Consort Ming is probably worried of me by now, so let’s hurry.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

And so me and my entourage went on to Ming Yi Fei’s palace.

⊙ ⊙

“Sister Ye!” As soon as I entered, Ming Yi Fei came rushing at me while smiling widely.

“What’s the rush?” I chuckled.

“Sister Ye’s a little late today, so I thought something happened.”

Oh something really did.

“It’s nothing. I just met someone – kind of an acquaintance – along the way. Anyway, what shall we do today? Painting? Storytelling?”

“Hmm…” Ming Yi Fei pondered intensely. What a cute person.

“Let’s get in and have some tea first.”

“Un!” Ming Yi Fei enthusiastically nodded.

When we were seated, it seems Ming Yi Fei finally decided what we should do.

“I think we should do some storytelling today!”

“What kind of stories?”

“Hmmm… I’m not sure.”

I chuckled. “…Then, can I ask a question?”

“Yeah, yeah! Let’s start with that!”

“How energetic.” I laughed. “I’m just curious… Why do always not attend greeting sessions with the Empress?”

Ming Yi Fei stiffened.

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