ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 18

“Good day, Sister Ming…” The other person stiffened when I greeted her. “…I thought Sister Ming was feeling unwell today.”

“I-I-” she started, but I continued,

“Are you fine now? That’s great. Wishing Sister Ming to take care of her body more and be healthy always.”

Now, she looked confused. …Because I’m not making trouble for her? But, she steeled herself and said,

“Thanking Imperial Consort Ye for the concern. I-I-” she seemed stumped on what to say next.

She probably wants to run away from here as soon as possible.

But, I’m in the mood for being mean, so I won’t let her go just yet.

……..Was being a sadist a part of my old personality?

Haa. No use thinking about it. Anyway,

“Why don’t Sister Ming join me for some tea.” Though I don’t really want tea anymore, having drank enough earlier to drown me and all, but that’s step one to making her stay.

“Please.” I gestured for her to sit back down, and sat myself.

“Imperial Consort, shall we brew tea?” My maid asked before I could command.

“Yes, please.” Imperial Consort Ming, full name Ming Yi Fei, is back to being dumbfounded. …Because Imperial Consort Ye is being courteous? Probably.

“What was Sister Ming doing just now?” I smiled at Ming Yi Fei.

She lowered her head. “I was….. painting.” The last word was said in a whisper, but I was able to hear it.

“So Sister Ming paints… Have you finished painting? …Can I, perhaps see it?”

Ming Yi Fei raised her head and looked surprised. She looked like she didn’t know how to respond to that.

I just smiled back and waited for her reply.

“…I still have to do finishing touches to today’s painting.” She said in a soft voice. “…but… I can let… Imperial Consort Ye… see… it.” She continued in an even softer voice.

“Sister Ming should just also call me ‘sister’.”


“Okay?” I smiled widely once again, and looked expectantly at her.

“S-Sister Ye…” now she’s feeling shy. Her face’s so red. So cute.

“Un,” I nodded. “Then, can Sister Ming please show me?”

“Please hand S-Sister Ye my painting just now.” She said to her maid.

Her maid handed me the painting nervously. Her hands were trembling.

Am I really that scary?

Anyway, I looked at the painting at hand, and this time, I was the one who was surprised.

“It’s amazing.” It slipped out. But, I do mean it.

I looked at Ming Yi Fei and saw she was even redder.

“Sister Ming does have talent for painting. This painting is so beautiful.”

She painted a part of the imperial garden, the one around the floating pavilion.

Though I said earlier that paintings could not capture the beauty of this garden, I was proven wrong instantly. Her painting is that good.

“…T-thank you.” She replied shyly.

“This is yet unfinished?”


“Wow. Still unfinished yet already life-like.”

Then Ming Yi Fei started fidgeting.

“D-does S-Sister Ye want to see it finished? I-I can continue painting it… right… now…” she turned even redder, if that’s even possible.

“Really? You will?” I said a little excitedly. I do love beautiful things. And I do consider her painting as beautiful.


As soon as she said that, I immediately handed her the painting.

Then, she started mixing colors on a palette her maid handed her, and then started painting.

She added small details, but those small details indeed make the painting stand out even more.

While she was painting, I asked her several questions on how she painted this and that, how the color turned out to be like this, etc.

Though busy painting, she always paused to answer my questions enthusiastically, and while doing so, she looks at me with sparkling eyes. She must really love painting.

When she finished,

“D-does Sister Ye want to… perhaps… keep this… painting?” She kept glancing and lowering her head when she said that as she fidgeted.

“You’ll really give this to me?” If you will, of course I’ll gladly accept it. It’s beautiful, moreover, I can get it for free.

“Only if… Sister Ye wants… it.”

“Of course I do! Thank you!” I took her hands in mine and said smilingly while looking her in the eyes.

“Then, Sister Ye can have it.” She smiled back.

After that, we continued talking about things over tea. I think we have become considerably closer in the time we were together.

After spending time like that, we went our separate ways.

As I was going back to my palace, I suddenly remembered.

Oh, I wasn’t able to ask why Ming Yi Fei’s especially afraid of Li Zhen Zhen.

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