ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 14

“Emperor, you’re here!” I showed Ji Zhen Tian a happy smile.

“My beloved, I missed you.” Ji Zhen Tian approached me and took me in his arms, hugging me tightly while taking a deep breath, as if inhaling my scent.

I leaned in his arms coquettishly,

“Oh, Emperor. I missed you too.”

“Call me by name when we’re alone. Always.” He commanded.

“Z-Zhen Tian” he hugged me tighter.

His head is now on my neck, inhaling my scent and making wet kisses on it.

“E-emp…Z-Zhen Tian” Oh my. How impatient. “We need to eat first. The meal will get cold…”

“I need you first. We’ll just make the servants reheat the food later.” Saying that, Ji Zhen Tian swept me off my feet and carried me to the bed.

All the servants retreated then.

He laid me down and impatiently teared off my robes.

He then kissed me passionately and roamed his hands around my body.

He grabbed one breast, pinching my nipple, and sucked on the other, making me moan in pleasure.

I held his head like that, making him continue to show his love for my breasts.

He let go of the breast he was sucking with a pop, and went on to equally appreciate the other. His hand then went to pinch the other’s nipple, while his other hand roamed down lower, reaching my special place, and pinched my nub.

The expert ministrations make me moan his name, my hips rising as if seeking more. I do want more.

He let go of my breasts and went down on me.

He swept his tongue through my cave.


“So sweet.” Saying so, he dove in deeper, penetrating me with his tongue.

He never forgot to play with my clit, circling it with his thumb.

“Ah~ Haa~ m-more~” I half-begged.

As he pulled his tongue out of me, he went on to lick my clit, fingers replacing the tongue from before.


He curved his fingers, still showing love to my nub, and I moaned and moaned, and

“Zhen Tiaaan~~~” I held his head in place, hips rising, pussy rubbing against his face chasing my orgasm, and I came like I never did before. It was the best. I literally saw stars.

Ji Zhen Tian licked me from butt up, as if not letting any of my juice spill, taking everything in him.

As I was coming down from my high,

“Did Zhen’s beloved feel good? I also read it from a book recently. How was it? It was the first time I did it, but, I loved it. You did too, no?”

“Haa~ un~” I nodded.

That was his first time going down on a woman, yet… Wow. What a talent.

Also, I just noticed, it’s the first and only time so far tonight he referred to himself as “Zhen”. Are we talking casually now?

Never mind that.

Ji Zhen Tian hurriedly took off his clothes and positioned himself in my entrance, folding my legs up to my chest.

He entered in one smooth stroke, obviously, since I was so wet.

He rammed me in continuously, not stopping, and positioned me to my side. With this side view he’s even deeper in me now, and he keeps hitting the spot in this angle, making me cum again ahead of him.

Still continuing with his thrusts, my climax was prolonged, almost making me pass out. Luckily, he came just before I did, so I managed to stay awake.

He collapsed on me, catching his breath.

Once he did, he stayed as is, kissing me. I can still taste myself a little on him.

We both moaned at the sensation. He’s excited again. I can feel him twitching again inside me.

We kept on kissing, the kiss now gentle.

He also gently pulled out, and thrusted slowly in me while kissing me so.

Perhaps due to the sensitivity brought by our earlier climax, we came rather easily this time.

《Favorability rating is now 70.》

Did we just what they call “make love”? The sex was different from the others, and I feel kind of weird. Anyway, let’s not think about that for now.

⊙ ⊙

After a while, Ji Zhen Tian called for a bath and commanded the servants to heat up dinner.

After bathing together, and luckily nothing more happened in the bath, we were finally able to eat.

After eating, Ji Zhen Tian slowly stood up, looked me in the eyes, and said,

“I’m sorry.”

I wonder why he’s sorry.

Then he hugged me and kissed me one last time.

He then let go of me, though seemingly unwilling to with the look in his eyes, and left my palace just like that.

Perhaps he’s sorry because he had to go? Maybe so.

But, I was glad he did because I too need to come into terms with myself.

Just what was that earlier?

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