ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 12

After Xi Jiu woke up, the woman who was with him was gone.

Instead, he found a letter on the table beside his now neatly-folded clothes.


I’m sorry. I have to go ahead. Thank you for the time you spent with me. It was the first time I had been out after a long, long time. I had fun. Thank you so much for going along with my selfishness.

Actually… I’m a married woman. I… haven’t been out for so long, being confined in my quarters. I’m sorry for not telling you and leading you on. But, I don’t regret spending time with you. Still, I’m sorry for taking advantage of you– I never meant to sleep with you. But, I couldn’t help my self. You’re a great man. A handsome, kind, gentle, and compassionate man. All these I found out in the short time we were together. I’m sorry for staining and dirtying you with me.

Please pretend it all never had happened.

Once again, I’m sorry… and, thank you.

-Ye Ling


‘She–‘ The paper in his hands got crumpled.

Xi Jiu didn’t know what to feel, what he’s feeling, or how he should react. Was this anger for having been fooled? Was this regret for going along with her whims? Was this frustration for not having known her more?

He didn’t know.

⊙ ⊙

“Is my side quest 1 halfway complete now?”

《Yes. Side Quest 1, 50% complete.》

“Okay. ….Though I kind of feel bad for leaving him there.”

Ah, now that I come to think of it,

“I just gave the Emperor a green hat. Isn’t that punishable, like, by death, perhaps?”

《If host dies in the middle of the mission, points earned so far will still be credited, but will be halved.》

“Hmm… I’ll try my best not to die just like this.”

I reached the palace gates, and there waiting for me were my maids. I’m glad they’re being inconspicuous and not looking suspicious.

They welcomed me immediately after seeing me, and we managed to return to my palace safely.

“Imperial Consort, we’re glad you’ve come back in one piece. We don’t know what the Emperor would have done had he found out.”

“He’s not keeping tabs on every one of his consorts now right? I told you I’ll come back immediately.”

“Yes. These servants are glad, Imperial Consort.”

“Prepare me a bath. I want to soak in for a while.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

I need to erase all traces of sex now, don’t I? I was rushing to get back earlier so I wasn’t able to wash up before.

There are no hickeys or others traces in me, just, him in me? And perhaps the musky scent of sex.

I’ll totally scrub my self just in case.

I spent the rest of the day reading books. I didn’t really have anything urgent to do, and I think I can take my time… for now.

I’ll relax while I still can.

At night, Ji Zhen Tian still didn’t come, but

《Favorability rating now at 55.》

I wonder why.

⊙ ⊙

The next day, I did my usual leisure routine of lounging around and being lazy.

My maid once again reported a lot of things. She still amazes me every time.

It seems Xi Jiu came back somewhat in a daze yesterday.

“I heard from the maids from the Empress’ palace that Sir Xi Jiu wasn’t acting like his usual self yesterday when he came back. The usual polite and friendly him didn’t even bat an eye to the maids who greeted him. Nobody knew what happened, the only thing sure was that he was still the usual Sir Xi Jiu just before he went out, but he was brooding when he came back, so something definitely happened during the time he was away from the palace.”

I do know what happened to him… though I won’t tell anyone about it.

“Hmmm…” I munched on the melon seeds.

“The Emperor also seemed to be continuously in a bad mood. I heard this morning’s court had ended badly. The Emperor said he’s tired right now so the ministers should take their useless complaints somewhere else.”

“Hmm…” I ate another. “Why is he in such a bad mood these days?”

“I heard the Emperor left abruptly the consort’s palace he visited last night. Maybe, he wasn’t served well?” My maid blushed at the last statement. She’s unmarried, so of course she doesn’t have experience.

Well, that is unless the Emperor takes her. Though, I know from memory that all the maids of Imperial Consort Ye are very loyal to her, so they most probably won’t be the one doing the seducing themselves.

Perhaps Ji Zhen Tian really wasn’t served well? My favorability suddenly increased last night, after all. Now that he had people to compare me to, perhaps he was unsatisfied with them? Not to be bragging or something, but I do think the skills I loaned from the system make magic, bringing pleasure to the peak.

Then, my maid’s eyes twinkled.

“Or perhaps His Majesty misses Imperial Consort Ye!” She said excitedly.

“Hmmm…” Makes sense with a 55 favorability rating, but I still answered indifferently while popping another melon seed into my mouth.

“That’s the most reasonable one, mistress! The Emperor misses you!”

“Then why won’t he just come here to visit me?” Yep. This is the catch. If he does, then, why?


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