ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 11

After clearing the food and paying, we went out of the restaurant.

I shall now move on to step number two of my plan in making him lower his guard and then doing him. Right!

We toured around the city and tried various things.

After making him completely let his guard down, I led him to the street where brothels were located according to the system.

He was still clueless. How cute.

There was this street vendor selling alcoholic cookies. Perfect. The system told me he’s weak against alcohol, even low percentages. I wonder how he even survives the military who loves merrily drinking. Well, never mind that.

I bought plenty and shared some to Xi Jiu. I made sure to make him eat.

We continued to slowly walk along the brothels, whose operations were minimal as it was still the day. Minimal, but still open for business.

I continued eating the cookies until my face felt hot and red. I then turned to Xi Jiu and coquettishly said

“X-Xi Jiu, ahh, I feel hot. So hot.” I pressed my body to his.

I then felt him stiffen. He’s really not used to women.

“Please let us rest for a while. There seems to be a hotel (brothel) over there. Take me to rest there, please. Ah~”

And he fell for it. He brought me inside the brothel, into a private room on the second floor.

When we entered the room,

“Xi Jiu, don’t you feel hot, too? I-I feel so hot.” I started taking off my clothes.

“M-miss Ye?! W-what are you doing?!”

“I-I feel hot. So hot.” I looked at him with watery pitiful eyes.

And he seemed to have bought it.

“Do you want me to buy you something to cool you down?”

“N-no need. I think I just need to rest for awhile. P-please don’t leave me alone.” I stuck my half-naked body to him. He stiffened once more.

I pulled him to the bed with me, laying him down below me.

“You feel so cool. Aah~ so good.”

I continued to strip my clothes while still on top of him, not forgetting to rub myself on that place of his.

The look in his eyes started to get cloudy. It seems the alcoholic cookies I shared with him earlier were finally taking effect. His thinking is not so sharp anymore. All hail alcoholic cookies.

“X-Xi Jiu, your face is red. Are you hot, too?”

“A little.” Haha how honest.

“Then I’ll help you…” I started removing his clothes seductively. He grew even harder, I can feel it.

I slid off his clothes, leaving his trousers on, and ran my hands through his chiseled chest. I leaned down and kissed him. Albeit clumsily, he kissed me back.

Our tongues mingled and I pulled back, a sliver of body fluid connected us.

I looked at him, and grabbing his length, I said

“This became so hard.” I beat his cock.

The blush on his face became even more intense.

“Ugh” he groaned.

“Does this feel good?” I slid my hands even faster.

He could only moan in response.

“I know of a place that feels even better.” I whispered in his ears.

I then leaned down and kissed him again, distracting him and slowly inserting his length in me. We both moaned at the same time. I stilled for a moment, making myself adjust to his girth.

Xi Jiu’s eyes were still hazy, but he seemed to have realized what is happening and he had his eyes wide opened looking at me. He’s a little gullible and clueless on things, but it seems he’s not completely ignorant.

“I-I-I want the both of us to feel good.” I raised myself and slammed back down on him.

He arched his hips and threw his head back, seemingly letting go of his inhibitions.

He brought his hands to my hips, helping me maneuver up and down his length.

He moved his hips in time with mine, down when I go up, up when I go down, making us meet halfway, him deeper in me. You can never underestimate a man’s instinct to feel good.

When his hands were digging into my sides, I know that he’s close. I’m close too.

My legs were getting weaker, but his hips never stopped thrusting, his hands still guiding me up and down his length, bringing us both to the peak of pleasure.

The rush of his hot essence, him cumming so hard he passed out,  made me want to cum again. And I did.

He really did pass out. He was still inside me. Probably due to all the pleasure rushing to his head, and perhaps due to the cookies earlier. I’m not even sure if he’ll even remember exactly what just happened.

But that’s fine. Actually, that’s for the best.

I don’t want any complications with him just close in the palace, after all.

I freed myself from him, dressing and tidying up, and then left the brothel.

But, I did pay first. The least I could do for his service.

I walked home, slightly rushing to the palace.

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