ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 7

Night came, and as promised, Ji Zhen Tian once again visited me.

This time, he came a little early and so we had dinner together.

After dinner, I asked

“Did you enjoy the soup I sent earlier, Your Majesty?” Ji Zhen Tian then took my hands.

He observed them for a while, then said

“Zhen is glad your hands weren’t injured.” He then smiled and continued, “It was very delicious. One of the best Zhen has ever tasted. My beloved, you have a talent for cooking.”

Once again, I forced myself to blush and look shy,

“Your Majesty is exaggerating.”

“Zhen is not exaggerating. Zhen is complimenting Imperial Consort Ye wholeheartedly.”

I do believe him. The system prompted me his favorability rose by 10, after all.

Ji Zhen Tian’s hands then roamed higher, through my arms, then settled on my nape. He then brought me closer to him and whispered,

“Zhen shall reward Imperial Consort Ye for her job well done.” Then he brought me even closer and kissed me.

Ji Zhen Tian then lifted me up and brought me to the bed. The servants immediately cleared the dinner we had, and retreated silently.

Ji Zhen Tian peeled off my clothes gently this time. He then went to peel off his after mine. He kissed me once again and felt my wetness.

“Imperial Consort Ye seems excited to receive her reward.” He whispered against my lips in a low voice. Two fingers were then inserted in me, thumb circling my clit. He curved his fingers, immediately hitting my g spot. I moaned louder.

“My beloved, say my name.”

“Ahhn~” was all I manage to get out.

“Say my name or I’ll stop.”

“Ahh~ don’t, please~ Zh-Zhen Tian~ ahh ahh~” he moved his fingers faster, bringing me to climax. I screamed his name while cumming.

“Saying my name with such a voice haaa” he pulled out his fingers and immediately slammed his cock in me, I still shivering in after shocks, making me cum again due to sensitivity.

He rode me like his life depended on it, immediately chasing after me in climax. I manage to collect essence once more.

《Favorability rating is now 50.》 Was the last thing I heard before I passed out.

⊙ ⊙

This time when I woke up, Ji Zhen Tian was already gone.

“Imperial Consort, His Majesty told us to serve you when you wake up.”

“Is it late already? How long has he been gone?”

“It’s still early, Imperial Consort. The Emperor has only been gone for half an hour. His Majesty was awoken by the head eunuch for some urgent business and that’s why His Majesty left early.

“Is that so.” Come to think of it, today’s the day.

“Prepare my clothes to go greet the Empress.” It is still customary to greet the Empress, though not as often, since everyone knows Li Zhen Zhen’s the Empress in name only, and as Ji Zhen Tian ordered. I actually kind of pity her. Still, I’m prioritizing my mission. Don’t think of me as cruel for this.

“Yes, Imperial Consort.”

⊙ ⊙

After preparing, I immediately went to the Empress’ palace and greeted her with the other consorts and concubines.

It is my first time meeting her face to face.

“Make Imperial Consort Ye some soup.” Li Zhen Zhen ordered her maid.

“Yes, Empress.”

“I’m rewarding Sister Ye for serving the Emperor well the past two nights. This Empress also heard Sister Ye made the Emperor some soup yesterday and His Majesty enjoyed it. I’d like for Sister Ye to also enjoy a soup from this palace. Hopefully Sister Ye can be pregnant with the dragon child.” Li Zhen Zhen was smiling, but it definitely didn’t reach her eyes.

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