ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 5

My favorability doubled.

Are men really this easy?

Still, I should not let my guard down.

I talked to the Emperor about things I knew would interest him until we fell asleep.

I didn’t tell him about Li Zhen Zhen’s plan yet. It’s too early.

⊙ ⊙

 I woke up in the arms of a man. I was hazy at first, but now I’m even more puzzled.

Ji Zhen Tian was still asleep beside me. I stared at him intently. How unusual. From the original host’s memory, it seems he never stayed the night, even with the other consorts, but why is he here right now? Was a 30 favorability really great? Hmm….

Ji Zhen Tian suddenly opened his eyes, and I was surprised. I unconsciously backed off. But before I could, his arm which I was laying my head on, snaked around my shoulder and he pulled me closer instead. Guess he was really awake all along, after all.

“Like what you see?” He asked.

“Good morning, Your Majesty.” Was all I managed to get out in this predicament.

“Good morning, my beloved.” He whispered in my ear. The sudden breath on my ear made me shudder, and I accidentally touched and finally noticed the roaring dragon. He’s excited once again.

I held it once again in my hand, seductively saying

“Does the Emperor wish to be served again?”

He sucked in a breath before saying,

“I need to go to morning court.” But he didn’t actually move away.

I continued jerking him off between us, and he immediately stilled, seemingly about to cum. It seems he really was in a hurry. He finished immediately.

He got dressed and went off after finishing preparations, but not before looking at me, saying

“I’ll visit you again later.” Seems he really liked what I did.

I licked my hand filled with his cum. I asked the system,

“Does this count?”

《Since host is taking it in you, it still counts, but does not hold much points as those naturally released in you.》

“I see. At least it still does hold some value.” I licked my palm clean.

Maids then came rushing in,

“Imperial Consort, these lowly ones were instructed by His Majesty to serve you well.”

“Very well.”

Then they did serve me well, making me bathe, bringing me delicious food, making sure I was comfortable.

All the while, I was wondering how’s it going with Li Zhen Zhen now.

《Li Zhen Zhen seems to be making soup again, host.》

Soup, huh. Then I’ll make one too.

⊙ ⊙

I entered the kitchen, and the people there looked at me with surprised faces. I smiled at them, saying

“I want to make soup for the Emperor. Can you please teach me how to? I want to make it myself.” Me being respectful seemed to surprise everyone, including the maids who followed me here, even more.

“Imperial Consort, you might get injured handling knives.” The maid behind me said.

“Don’t worry. I won’t. I mean, I’ll try. I’ll do my best.” I looked at everyone pleadingly, and I guess my acting cute worked.

Everyone gave up persuading me off, and the kitchen people started telling and showing me what to do.

Everyone started anxious with me handling a knife and all, but I think I was able to do everything accordingly, if that’s what the cooks’ astonished faces mean.

“Where did Imperial Consort learn know how to handle a knife? The way you’re handling it is like the most professional cooks in the Emperor’s palace’s.” One cook said.

Hmm… Where? Is it, related to my past self? Was I a cook or chef or something? Was that it?


“I’m not really sure. Maybe I just have a talent for it?” I chuckled, replying to the cook.

“Oh. Imperial Consort is really blessed.” He seems to have bought it.

I just smiled.

I finished cooking the soup, and made it sent to the Emperor to eat during his work with the imperial records in the afternoon.

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