ARC 1 – The Way to become an Empress Part 2


《Transfer complete.》

“My head hurts. I thought my body was configured to be special.”

《Host’s body has been configured to be sexually special. Everything else works the same as the original’s.》


《This system thinks host’s original personality is coming out.》

“That so? Well, who cares” I shrugged. I actually care a little bit. I’m still in the process of knowing my self, after all.

“So my first world is staged in an ancient Chinese civilization. And I am…”

《Yes. Host is Empress Ye Ling, though right now only an Imperial Consort.》

“?! I’m not Li Zhen Zhen?!”



[….”Because it’s more interesting that way” though, I can’t say what that person said.]

《Because Li Zhen Zhen got reborn. Though, she was reincarnated when she was already Empress. It has only been a week since she was reborn, so there are not yet many changes in the plot, but she does know what Imperial Consort Ye did in the last life and the consequence that will happen to her.》

“Where in the plot are we?”

《It’s a month before Imperial Consort Ye got pregnant and 3 months before Li Zhen Zhen’s execution.》

“What happened to the original Imperial Consort Ye?”

《She was ejected from this body. Though, this system could not tell the host why.》

[….”Because it’s more convenient that way. Also a punishment for killing her unborn child, come to think of it” that person said, which, I’m not allowed to tell. That person saying “come to think of it”, that person really ejected Ye Ling just because it’s convenient…]

“Hmm.. What changed in the plot?”


“Please tell me.” I narrowed my eyes at the furry system. It seems I got it a little scared. “Is Li Zhen Zhen doing her best to make Ji Zhen Tian fall in love with her?”

《Actually, no. Not exactly. It seems she’s instead planning of a rebellion with her influential family.》

“?! What?! Why?”

《This system does not understand human thoughts.》

“Hmm… Well, perhaps because that’s what’s Ji Zhen Tian’s expecting from her, so she’ll give exactly that to him?”

《This system could not answer that question.》

“Well it’s fine. I’ll just focus on my task. By the way, what are they?”

《System loading…》

A holographic screen appeared in front of me.

Main Quest 1: Become the Empress and the Mother of the World

Main Quest 2: Collect essence from the Emperor Ji Zhen Tian

Side Quest 1: Collect essence from the Great General Li Ming and the imperial guard Xi Jiu.

Side Quest 2: Make Li Zhen Zhen have her original fate.》

“How are main quests different from side quests? Also, original fate?”

《Side quests essence collection can be completed by finishing only once. The same is not true for main quests collections. You need multiple intercourse before they can be fulfilled, moreover, favorability also needs to be raised. By original, this system means her ending of being executed. If host is wondering why that needs to be done, it’s because Li Zhen Zhen is an abnormality in this world and her soul needs to be collected.》

“I see. Does it have to be beheading in public?”


“Hmmm…” That’s fine. Public executions are for traitors after all. She already started planning her rebellion, all that’s left for me is to expose her.

《Does host have any more questions?》

“What about hidden quests?”

《They’ll be triggered with the right circumstances.》

“Is that so. Hmm…”

If I were Li Zhen Zhen and am planning a rebellion, I would have to get close to the Emperor to earn his trust, and make things easier. Is she doing that?

“How does Li Zhen Zhen start her rebellion plan with her family?”

《At this point, Li Zhen Zhen is yet to relay her plans to her family.》

“Hmm… Then is she trying to get close to the Emperor, then?”

《Yes. Though, she only started getting close 3 days ago by sending the Emperor embroideries and soup. But the Emperor is yet to set his eyes on her.》

“Hmm. I guess he really doesn’t trust her, huh. With that influential of a family, of course he feels threatened in his position.”


“Well, works well for me.”

I heard a knock then.

“Imperial Consort, the Emperor has arrived.”

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